Driver for Mirai crd-bp 1500p cdrw

  cdb 19:07 22 Apr 2003

Can anyone show me where to find the latest one of these? I've just spent the last hour searching the web to no avail. Most Mirai links don't seem to work. :( (windows xp) thank you.

  MAJ 19:20 22 Apr 2003

You shouldn't need a driver for it, if it's IDE connected, cdb, why do you need one?

  cdb 19:22 22 Apr 2003

Shouldn't I? maybe that's why I can't find one. I was checking the driver properties and it was showing as early 2001. I thought there must have been an update out since then.

  MAJ 19:25 22 Apr 2003

No you shouldn't need one, cdb. And also, don't update a driver just because it's old. If it's working okay, leave well alone, you could regret it.

  Hunte® 19:42 22 Apr 2003

The only driver required for IDE CDRW is the burning software and possibly a firmware update.

In this instance the Mirai BP1500 is a rebadged Sanyo BP1500 and the firmware for this will work on it. (Sanyo never released this drive under their own brand, it was purely an OEM drive)

For updated firmware goto click here


  cdb 19:48 22 Apr 2003

How do you install firmware? is it the same as a driver asin you click on the .exe file? Or do I need to use that flash file?

  Hunte® 19:56 22 Apr 2003

You need to use the flash file as the firmware is just that...the firmware data file

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