Driver issues after fresh Win7 install on new SSD

  Incus 15:53 15 May 2013

Ok here goes. I go a new SSD to add to my custom build. I connected it up in a Sata2 slot to format it to NTFS. I then shut down and reconnected it in a Sata3. (In place of my 1TSata HD) I then installed a clean windows 7 64bit installation. After full install I plugged in my internet connection but not joy. So I installed all the drivers for my Gigabyte mobo. Still no joy.

So I went to device manager and Ethernet connection was showing up under Other with a yellow triangle say no drivers. I tried updating from there. No Joy.

I then installed the Intel chip set utility and it cleared a few other outstanding problems like SM Bus Controller. and PCI controller.

I then searched for what lan card I had and it is a realtek pcie gbe family controller. I found the drivers for that and it read it as the device. But every time I try to install the drivers they fail.

I then thought maybe its a hardware fault. I shut down and reconnected my 1T HD. Set that to priority drive and booted up. Everything runs fine. I have a LAN connection so I know its not hardware.

I have also tried to install my sound card drivers but they are also failing on the SSD drive.

Any idea on where to go from here.


  Chronos the 2nd 16:16 15 May 2013

It has nothing to do with the SSD, though I am a tad baffled as to what is the problem, all my PC have a SSD as a boot drive and I have never had a problem.

Though Windows 7 does install some drivers some are generic and it is always best to use the specific drivers that came with your motherboard.

After installing the fresh copy of Windows your next step should have been to insert the mobo driver disk and let it do it's thing.

Then update windows and install your programs.

I would, probably start again, format the SSD reinstall Windows then use the driver disk.

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