driver installation help needed

  2CV6 20:29 22 Nov 2004

Hi, I've upgrade to xp and my sound card needs updating as well as others. I've got the old sound card disc Asound gold als 120 and found a site to download the newer version for xp. It came as a zip and I have it in a folder and have scanned it for viruses by puting the mouse on it to highlight and pressed scan for viruses and nothing appeared. Is this the correct way to scan it? How do I now instal? The 3 files have a sys extension and I can't get them to open. Not too good on these things, so your help is appreciated. 2cv6

  Dorsai 20:50 22 Nov 2004

You need to un-zip it. (Decompress it)

Double left click on it. It should open a window asking what you want to do.

It depends how it was zipped as to what to do now. It may unzip to a certian place, or ask where to go.

What happens?

  stalion 20:54 22 Nov 2004

To scan for viruses you need to do a full scan with your anti-virus program for all files

  2CV6 21:04 22 Nov 2004

I will run a full scan. The 3 files are unzipped and in a folder. Double left click just opens a caution box stating that the file cannot be opened without a prog doing it and that it is a system file. Carrying on a windows check opens up a page that tells you various progs to open the files, but i cannot do it. Is there an easy way to install drivers? 2cv6

  Dorsai 21:31 22 Nov 2004

If unzipped, and in a folder ready for use,

What is the name of the 3 files you now have?

  rômanab 21:45 22 Nov 2004

You should be able to scan individual files for viruses by right clicking on them and choosing "scan for viruses" or wording to that effect (depending on your av)

  2CV6 21:50 22 Nov 2004

full virus check done, ok Main folder has a file called win2000, when opened it has Avance logic sound wdm adapter driver 5.0 2195.1 or alswdm.sys and alswdm.sys and wdma ava.inf

  2CV6 21:52 22 Nov 2004

sorry the files are alswdm.sys, alsfm.sys andwdma ava.inf

  Dorsai 22:05 22 Nov 2004

From now on forget about virus scans. They were all clear. Now install the new drivers.

open control panel>system>hardware>Device manager

Locate your sound card, right click on it, and pick properties, pick the driver tab, click the update driver button, chose 'no not this time' from the options, and then chose 'install from a specified location' and point the insatll wizard at the folder containing the 3 files you have.

Hopefully this should do it.

  Dorsai 22:11 22 Nov 2004

But dinner is ready, and i am the cook.

If dinner is burnt, i will not hear then end of it.

best of luck.

  stalion 22:15 22 Nov 2004

Bon appetite

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