driver d/load help

  dan12 13:24 11 Jan 2006

Have just d/loaded some via 4 in 1 drivers ie via registry (inf) drv, via agp vxd drv, via atapi vendor support driver +one more cant think of at the mo. These are drivers for an A7V8X m/b in which i will be putting windows xp pro on this is a new build project thats not up and running yet.

I d/loaded them to my pc at present windows me.
i extracted them from the zip file then put them on a floppy with no problem for later use.i for some reason double clicked the driver and it put itself on my w/me system.things seem to be ok.
finally my question :how do i find those drivers to take them off ie(delete) or will they not cause any problems?
sorry being long winded but if you have all the info i know it helps.
Thanks in advance

  Skyver 13:28 11 Jan 2006

The A7v8x uses the Nvidia NForce chipset, no Via drivers required. Get `Platform / NForce` drivers here click here

  Skyver 13:29 11 Jan 2006

They should be listed as VIA Drivers in Add/Remove Programs on your current machine. If not run the installation file again and uncheck all the boxes.

  dan12 13:40 11 Jan 2006

thanks for the help and fast response.

  Skyver 13:44 11 Jan 2006

No problem, just a small amendment, you want NForce2 drivers.

  dan12 13:46 11 Jan 2006


  dan12 19:15 11 Jan 2006

hi just a follow up even though I ticked as resolved.
I seem to have lost in control panel my e, and f, drive e being dvdrw and f being dvd rom and i have a virtul drive g which is showing in control panel.
could this be the driver issue as above, am still not able to find them the via drivers, looked in add & remove progs but not there.
Thanks in advance

  Skyver 00:55 12 Jan 2006

Do you mean in Explorer? The `via atapi vendor` might be causing that problem. Can you do a system restore ? Either that or look through the registry and remove references to VIA drivers. That solution is no good if your current chipset is actually VIA. My memory of ME isn't that great, but if you still have problems get a Windows 98 boot disk, click here, boot with it, CD to your C: drive (cd c:) then try `scanreg /restore` - restore a copy of the registry before the date/time you accidentally installed the VIA drivers. Reboot.
PS. You may need to CD to C:\windows or c:\windows\command to find `scanreg`.

  dan12 11:42 12 Jan 2006

Thanks for your help once again and advise.
Went in to registry didnt find anything relating to via so left alone.
Wasn't able to see it in explorer or control panel.
So as suggested went to system restore to the day before and that sorted it.
many thanks

  dan12 11:47 12 Jan 2006

*Wasn't able to see E, and F,in explorer or control panel* just making last post clear.

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