Driver for 1212p please

  furkin 08:48 20 May 2004

Hi all, A friend of mine has asked if I can help him to get his Agfa SnapScan 1212p (with on/off switch)working with XP. I told him that whilst I couldn't,,, I know lots of people that can ! The only site that I have come across so far, seems like a 'File Sharing' one, that I'd prefer not to get into.
Does anyone know where I (he) can obtain such a driver please ?
many thanks in advance

  recap 08:49 20 May 2004
  €dstowe 08:56 20 May 2004

With off switch click here

Without off switch click here

Straight from the supplier.


  furkin 09:06 20 May 2004

Hi €dstowe,
Thanks for your quick reply. This was the first place that he & I looked,,, but as you see,,, it does not include XP use.

Hi recap,
Thanks for your quick reply also. I did find that site,,, but am worried about File Sharers. Do you know if this site is pretty clean ?


  SANTOS7 09:17 20 May 2004

recaps link will direct you to i have used this many times and have had no problems

  €dstowe 10:02 20 May 2004

My point was to emphsise their statement:

"This type of scanner does not work under XP. Agfa will not make XP drivers in the future either as it stopped its desktop scanner and digital camera business in September 2001."


  pj123 10:04 20 May 2004

I get my drivers from driverguide all the time. Never had a problem. Just go to click here and on the welcome screen click on the member login link and put drivers as the ID and all as the password.

  Stuartli 11:19 20 May 2004

I have an Agfa SnapScan 1212u which will work under XP and does so without problems with its new driver - however, as €dstowe points out, a driver was not made available for the 1212p.

However, to save you having to buy a new scanner, you will find an XP driver for the 1212p here:

click here

This may prove of interest as well:

click here

Another unhappy owner wrote:

At last I've been able to make my Snapscan 1212p work under Win XP.

I downloaded the Scanwise software for the SnapScan 1212p (the beta version for Win 2000) from the agfa support site (Agfa put it back on their site a few days ago), I installed it under Windows XP and now it works great!

Notice that there are two versions of the same beta software for the 1212p, one is for scanners with power button and one is for scanners without it (mine is without power button). They are different, you must install the correct one in order to see it work."

  Stuartli 11:21 20 May 2004

I quite realise that I contradicted myself in the above posting.....

  TomJerry 11:22 20 May 2004

you can pick up one better then 1212p around £30

  recap 11:25 20 May 2004

SANTOS7 & pj123 comments in regards to driverguide are valid. I my self use driverguide and have had no problems at all from the site.

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