DriveImage7 and 2002

  ventanas 08:49 01 Apr 2005

At present using DI2002 because of a seemingly incurable problem with .net framework click here for the info.

But for reasons known only to the gods Paintdot net has started working without any problem. So I want to test DI7. Is it necessary to remove DI2002 first before installing DI7, ie will they work together? It will save a lot of hassle if it doesn't work if I can leave 2002 whwre it is.

Grateful for any help.

  Chegs ® 11:09 01 Apr 2005

You should be able to install DI7 over the top of 2002.I personally would stay with 2002 as .Net tends to make my PC run a wee bit wobbly.

  ventanas 16:04 01 Apr 2005

Thanks, sorry for the delay, been a busy day.

I was hoping I could install both, then if DI7 refused to work I could use 2002. Not really worth trying if I've got to take it off first.

By the way .netframework2 is in beta and available from Microsoft. I'm going to give it a try soon. Hopefully it will be more stable.

  blanco 17:08 01 Apr 2005

I must say I removed DI 2000 when I got DI 7 some time ago and have found the upgrade excellent.
As it works direct from XP it is much faster in total and I use it once every week to back up the C Drive to both another internal disk and a firewire external one; wouldn't be without it.

  Chegs ® 17:47 01 Apr 2005

I still wont want .NetFramework(beta or not)as I'm getting seriously fedup of these huge "updates" screwing my PC.I tried SP-2,it "broke" my windoze,.Net "broke" my windows,etc.Never enough damage to require a major overhaul,just occasional glitches(stuttering graphics/shortcuts that open the wrong apps)or customised desktop apps that require updating everytime I reboot. :-)

I have DI7 & 2002,I seem to recall that it created shortcuts(icons/prog files)to BOTH when I installed them together,so you could use both on your PC.

To use 2002 in XP,I always recreate the "Rescue" floppies,and boot from them,as images created within windows occasionally can cause problems,and SATA HDD's aren't recognised by TrueImage(I have these backup apps as well)so when I built a SATA only system,I ceased messing with DI7 incase I found a similar prob with it(although going from blanco's post,DI7 works with firewire so prob works just as well on SATA)

  anchor 09:21 02 Apr 2005

The is an new update for Drive Image 7, released 1.3.05. I found the original version 7 was a problem, and had to install a previous update 7.02.

Quote: "Drive Image 7.03 provides resolutions to numerous problems with previous releases of Drive Image 7.0".

click here

note: this latest update is about 50MB, so I hope you have broadband.

  SEASHANTY 09:36 02 Apr 2005


  anchor 10:10 02 Apr 2005

Sorry, the release date was 1.3.04.

  blanco 18:27 02 Apr 2005

Just to add to my earlier, my C drive is SATA and not only has this caused no problem I have actually had to do one recovery from the Image and it worked like a dream.

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