DriveImage 2002, why must you mock me?

  Karma_Train 14:42 24 Oct 2003

Hello boys and girls,
Having just killed off all my ME partitions, with the help of a PCA God, I bit the XP bullet and installed two XP OS`s to two partitions at the beginning of my h/d. The first partition is about 7.5g`s. I built the OS up somewhat with a few essential progs, drivers, etc taking the overall volume to around 4g`s I then made an image of it using DriveImage2002. So far so good. Only when I rehearsed the 'restore image' operation DI tells me that there is 'insufficient space' to carry out this task. I`ve scoured the DI manual but can find nothing that helps ( I`m a guitarist!) I am trying to restore 4g`s to a 7.5g partition, I get the feeling that DI is saying that there is not enough FREE space but I need it to overwrite the existing OS surely that must be do-able?
All suggestions gratefully received, I am forever in your capable hands. Charlie.

  leo49 14:52 24 Oct 2003

Just replicated this on my own setup - seems to be a little quirk. I found by deleting the target partition first[in simulation] you can then restore into the free space.[try it in simulation then cancel out of the operations].Next!

  Karma_Train 15:08 24 Oct 2003

And people wonder why I have a perpetual headache!
how does one delete a partition in simulation prithee? delete is final, simulation is pretend. I have an English 'o' level you know but as ever with matters PC, I understand the words individually but collectively they make about as much sense as 'fyuieri;u cysxeuiq, vddiexvk, dh24rfg. Could I have the Janet and John version please. I accept that I`m an idiot. Thanks.

  Karma_Train 15:10 24 Oct 2003

If you put the lettes PC in your post it turns into a hyperlink, PC...look it just did it again, PC....tee-hee.

  Karma_Train 15:11 24 Oct 2003

Except it didn`t that time....see what I mean?

  leo49 15:17 24 Oct 2003

Open DI - select restore image and pick your image.Then click select destination.Click on the XP partition which you want to replace then click delete partiton.[Remember none of this is happening yet - hence simulation].You'll then find that you'll be allowed to select the resulting free space as the destination.

  Karma_Train 15:26 24 Oct 2003

Thanks Leo your words are as a soothing balm to my acute cranial tension, I suppose the only questions that remains are, will it work? and am I stupid enough to try it? Do you want to have a go and let me know your findings?

  leo49 15:32 24 Oct 2003


1. Of course - would I lie to you?

2. I plead the 5th amendment.

3. I'll try it later once an important download has completed.

  Karma_Train 15:42 24 Oct 2003

I just rehearsed or 'simulated' the delete operation, yes the space then becomes available but I`m prompted, 'this is the active partition do you want to set another partition active' well do I? or is this simply because I`m looking at it from the partition I`m wanting to restore. If I try this operation from another OS d`yer reckon it will just meekly obey?
An important download eh? sounds interesting, I had one of those a couple of minutes ago.

  Legolas 15:47 24 Oct 2003

Songsmith certain words and abbreviations turn into links the first time they are used in a thread any subsequent use of said word or abbreviation do not turn into links hence the reason your use of PC did not turn into link.

  leo49 15:52 24 Oct 2003

"or is this simply because I`m looking at it from the partition I`m wanting to restore?"

Exactly - You're looking at it from the active partition - hence the prompt which you should ignore. [Remember that DI & PM are building block applications - you have to do one step after another in sequence.The prompt comes as a knee-jerk reaction by the software as it doesn't yet know that if you were actioning this from the active partition you would be going on to restore an OS which when restored would be itself active and all would be hunky dory again].

When you do it from your other OS you obviously won't get that prompt.

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