Drive reports insuficient space?

  Night Ryder 23:17 15 Jul 2004

This is an irritating problem I've observed on many windows op systems, from windows 98 to windows XP. I periodicaly use external drives to back up important data. Every so often I'll go to copy a file to an external drive and despite the fact that the file is well within the maximum available free space left on the drive the system reports, "Cannot copy there is not enough disk space". Last example of this was a file of 5Gig I was trying to copy to a 60Gig drive. The drive already has 16Gig of data on it and is showing 42Gig of free space left. Now I know I'ts been a while since I left school but if memory serves 5Gig should fit onto a drive which has 42Gig of free disk space. In fact it will fitt 2.625 times. Most irritating thing is that over a period of time if I decide to use the remaining 42Gig of this drive for something else .... say, capturing audio or video I can completely fill the drive. Does anyone know why Windows op systems do this?

  phenyl5 23:38 15 Jul 2004

I know I could be well off the scale here but should it not be 8.4 times? I'm sorry I'm not giving an answer but I think I may learn something here.

  Night Ryder 00:05 16 Jul 2004

You are absolutely correct. I have a couple of external drives attached to the system one with 42Gig of free space and one with 16Gig free space.
I must have glanced at the wrong drive during the last part of the posting.

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