Drive-past virus got infected - reassurance please

  muscic lover 13:10 05 Oct 2006

While surfing on the web I was hit by a drive by virus, I was redirected from a web page to some poronography site that I tried to get out of quickly, as i am not interested in porn!

Before i could click out, I saw the load file programme run and a file called 'exploit' installed. AVG popped its head up and said that a virus had been installed in a Java programme. i turned off my internet connection and ran AVG scan on my whole PC. It found 4 dodgy bits and i asked it to delete them, it seemed to do so.

I then ran windows defender, spybot search and destroy and Adaware. all said no problems,
I than ran windows defender again no probs.

Now call me over-cautios but am I now clear of the bug (another AVG scan said all clear) or do you think i need to do much more, and if so what.

Many thanks in advance...

  Fingees 13:16 05 Oct 2006

You appear to have done all that is necessary.

To get rid of any remnants hanging around, I would run Cleaner.
All the best.

  Fingees 13:16 05 Oct 2006

That should be CCleaner.

  Technotiger 13:26 05 Oct 2006

Hi, I agree with Fingees, you seem to have done it all correctly.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:28 05 Oct 2006

Once deleted and another scan says clear yhen I wouldn't worry.

Spywareblaster click here an block a lot of dodgy sites so if you get redirected the page will not open.

  Sethhaniel 13:31 05 Oct 2006

only thing to watch is if XP etc with 'System Restore' the file could have backed itself into there - so after a reboot run the AVG again to make sure its gone- or switch off 'System restore' while you scan.
Empty Temp Files folders as well.
You may be lucky and have got it straight away ;)

  muscic lover 13:31 05 Oct 2006

Many thanks folks. You are really a bunch of knowledge and help. Wish you all well and again... THANKS for your help.

  pennyben 13:35 05 Oct 2006

You should really look at your setup. The best security precauition you can take is a hardwire firewall or a router and use with Windows firewall. This will reduce your chances of this sort of infection considerably.

Secondly get a decent AV, even pay for a decent one, as AVG is not really up to it.

Thirdly get a good HIPS type programme such as Prevx1 etc. This will give you a very good layered security protection system.

  Totally-braindead 13:57 05 Oct 2006

Disagree with pennyben I'm afraid. A firewall will not prevent infection from a virus and AVG while admitadly not the best, I think NOD32 is probably the best, is more than adequete. It caught and identified the virus and subsequently deleted it which is all you can expect from any anti virus program.
Regarding Prevx1 it may be a good program but as I'd never heard of it before now I reserve judgement on it.
I have AVG free, Zone Alarm free firewall, AdAware and Counterspy (which admitadly I pay for but I was only £20 for a year for 2 licences). You could use any of a number of ad programs instead of Counterspy but you should use 2 programs so one will catch what the other misses.
I haven't seen a virus getting on my system in about 3 years and even when it did get on AVG found it and deleted it. You cannot be 100% safe 100% of the time I am afraid.
I would join with the others to confirm that you have done the right thing and that your system is clear. I know when this sort of thing happens you can become a bit paranoid over it but your anti virus did what it was meant to.

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