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  blueskye 20:05 17 Mar 2012

I am running Windows 7, but it does not support my Samsung camera. Samsung tell me that they have no plan to issue any update, so I would like to create a separate drive with Windows XP. Any help would be welcome.

  robin_x 20:30 17 Mar 2012

Samsung may not have any plans, but someone may have found a solution.

Have you tried the usual, like running in Compatibility mode and searching 'yourcameraapp windows 7'?

Anyway, Dual booting guide here

  john bunyan 20:31 17 Mar 2012

Why not use a card reader for your SD card? Do you need the Samsung software? I never install camera software as I use ny Photo software instead.

  robin_x 20:31 17 Mar 2012

Or you could run XP as a Virtual Machine in W7.

See VMWare Player Free or Virtualbox.

  robin_x 20:32 17 Mar 2012

Crossed in post.

  Batch 14:21 18 Mar 2012

I don't install any software that comes with any camera. I just connect the camera up using its USB lead and the camera appears as a USB hard drive. Then, in Windows Explorer, I just drag the photo files to wherever I want on the PC (and also delete them from the camera whilst in Windows Explorer).

Although I'm using WinXP, this should work in the same way on W7 as, without the camera specific software installed, the camera is just seen as a generic USB hard drive.

Once the photos are on the PC you can then use whatever general purpose piece of software that you choose to manage / edit etc.

  lotvic 22:13 18 Mar 2012

I also don't install camera software. I use card reader for my SD card to copy pics to my pc - much simpler and quick.

  blueskye 21:12 20 Mar 2012

Thanks for all the suggestions. I suspect that the common choice of using an SD card sounds the simplest. I'll give it a go. Thanks again.

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