rosie12 13:34 06 Feb 2006

Hi, I am trying to load a disk and my drive keeps telling me that there isn't a disk in the drive? what can be causing this? I am running win. xp home....

  johnnyrocker 13:40 06 Feb 2006

can you use the drive for anything else or does it not recognise anything? try un installing in device manager and re boot see if windows finds it again.


  rosie12 13:54 06 Feb 2006

Hi, It recognises all other disks when I try them, it just wont recognise this one, it is a disk that a friend sent me with a program on it, its a CD-R. I know that the disk is in the drive, so why would it say that it isn't in there?....Thanks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:55 06 Feb 2006

Try cleaning the CD-R

also clean the drive with a cd lens cleanerdisk.

  rosie12 14:03 06 Feb 2006

Hi, Just tried that and it's still not recognising that theres a disk in the drive, I think that its a problem with the disk and not the drive as the drive is working perfectly well with other disks, but have you any idea what can be wrong with the disk?

  TonyV 15:25 06 Feb 2006

Try Start/Run, then type the Letter of the Drive i.e D:\ now Browse and look for the file that you want. At least that way you can see if the Drive is functioning or whether there is a real problem with the drive.


  stlucia 16:30 06 Feb 2006

The drive seems to be working because it works with other disks. So, it really sounds like a problem with that particular CD -- but try TonyV's suggestion to see if it's the whole CD or just a single corrupt file.

BTW, you can't assume that home-burned CDs are as robust as factory-pressed ones: They're a completely different technology, and can easily become unreadable due to light, heat, and other abuse.

  rosie12 17:01 08 Feb 2006


  Hertz Van Rentyl 17:16 08 Feb 2006

If you can get a copy of IsoBuster it may help to kick start the drive and show contents.

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