Drive A is not accessible

  canard 23:49 25 Jun 2005

Win98 SE- Can't make or read a floppy disc. Drive A is not accessible. When I try to make a startup disc I'm told to put WIN98 CD in and then told that cannot be accessed. But when I put into FIND it's there.
Have removed drive A from device manager and it produced the odd click when putting itself back at reboot. Is drive A dead and if not what do I do next? Help appreciated!

  LastChip 00:31 26 Jun 2005

Before you do anything, take a look in your BIOS and see if it exists in there.

If it doesn't, the chances are it has died.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:13 26 Jun 2005


1. the lead from the floppy to the motherboard is secure at both ends

2. the powercable is secure.

3. "A" (floppy) drive is enabled in the BIOS. Can be seen on first screen on boot up.

4. Shows in My Coputer as 3 1/2" dive

5. Can be seen in device manager with no yellow exclamatin marks.

5. Floppy disc is formatted and not write protected.

  canard 19:04 26 Jun 2005

Last Chip and Fruit Bat thanks for the helpful advice.
Have been trying to reformat nonwrite protecteds - disc not recognised and everything ends up hanging. Also tried to run a prog disc - drive inaccessible. Nothing yellow in Device Manager and yes 3 and half inches in My Computer so will try bios- otherwise will, I fear, have to await help as too chicken to unscrew the pc case.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:54 26 Jun 2005

If showing in MY computer but will not recognise dics then probably past it. To renew is simple

1. unplug PC

2. remove sides (may have screws at rear)

3. remove the two ables into the rear of the drive
(1 power cable, 1 ribbon cable note redstripe)

4. remove securing screws on each side of the drive and slide out

5. slide in new drive (approx £5)

6. fit securing screws

7. fit the two cables (note redstripe)

8. refit side covers

9. plug in and rboot up.

10. if led on floppy on all the time then ribbon able (redstripe) fitted wrong way round.

How to install a front loading drive (with pictures)
click here
the last two pages are fitting a floppy drive.

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