Drive mix up

  Muergo 03:06 07 Jan 2010

Looking at disk setup for another reason I clicked on System Restore and it showed that the system disk was "E" whereas it is "C"

I recently added a bigger internal hard drive and put the older, smaller one as secondary, wiring the EIDE ribbon with the older small drive in the centre and the new bigger one at the end of the ribbon connector as I thought this was the correct way.

What's gone wrong and how do I fix it?

System XP SP3

  howard64 09:29 07 Jan 2010

did you alter the jumper settings on the drive for master and slave?

  Muergo 10:23 07 Jan 2010

I made particular note that the jumpers were set to "cable select" as per my Dell manual.
I bought a Western Digital drive as that was the original make.

I will open the case again just to make sure that the selector is in the correct position.

Actually I don't need the smaller drive, I backup to external hard drives, so maybe it is better it wasn't there at all.

I was thinking it would add to overall capacity but it hasn't worked like that, it has just duplicated the bigger drive, although it must be full by now.

I will make sure to clone the existing one before disconnecting.

Is there anything else the original problem could be?

  howard64 10:38 07 Jan 2010

I have always found that master/slave has given much less hassle than cable select. The other point is if the old drive is slower than the new one the whole system will run at the slower speed. So if you do not need the old one it is probably best to discard it. I would still set the new one to master at the end of the ribbon cable.

  woodchip 10:52 07 Jan 2010

Right Click on "My Computer" Manage/Disc Management You should be able to change letters there

  woodchip 10:53 07 Jan 2010

PS System Disc should be on End Connector on Ribbon

  woodchip 10:54 07 Jan 2010

Sorry and it should be on IDE one Plug on the Motherboard

  Muergo 11:03 07 Jan 2010

Thanks to you both for your solutions, I will go Howards route as I didn't realise that the old one might be slowing it down, so I'll just use the new one at end of cable. Dell still says it should be cable select for the jumper on single drive.

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