Drive Letters in XP

  Physicastro 21:36 11 Mar 2006

Hi, I have just re-installed XP and my second HD is not recognised although I can see it in Admin Tools and Device Manager. I notice it has no drive letter assigned but when I right click on it, the assign drive letter is greyed. Can anyone help I am at my wits end!!


  wobblymike 21:41 11 Mar 2006

You need to format it

  woodchip 21:42 11 Mar 2006

Right click on "My Computer" /Manage/Disk Management you can do it all in there

  AndySD 21:45 11 Mar 2006

Does this drive have any information on it you need, if so do not format it.

  wobblymike 21:48 11 Mar 2006

If its unformatted it can't have any data on it!

  Physicastro 21:49 11 Mar 2006

The drive has all my data on it and has been working fine. The system drive has been formatted today for a new install of XP. I can see the Data drive in Disk management called 'data' as I named it but it does not have a drive letter allocated. And when I right click on it the change letter is greyed out....

  The_Eagle 21:52 11 Mar 2006

Have you imported it as a foriegn drive in disk management

  woodchip 21:53 11 Mar 2006

Have you set the old drive jumper on the back edge of the drive to Slave?????

  wobblymike 21:53 11 Mar 2006

Ah you disn't say that - are both your drives formatted the same way i.e NTFS or FAT32 - if you have a mixture tyhat might be a problem.

  woodchip 21:55 11 Mar 2006

As above NTFS can see Fat32, but Fat32 cannot see NTFS

  Physicastro 21:56 11 Mar 2006

Rapid response here..
I dont know about importing a foreign disk so I have not done that.
The drive is and remains primary slave
Both drives are formatted NTFS
My CDRW and DVD are showing ok as D and E.

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