Drive Letters

  BWM 19:55 16 Aug 2006

I have a Seagate external hard drive connected to my PC (WindowsXP) through a USB port. Until now it always selected the F: drive on startup. However, today it has started to use H:. The F: ang G: are not allocated to anything else. Does anyone know why it would change and is there anything I can do to set it back to F:?

  dms05 20:10 16 Aug 2006

Have you changed the USB port used by the HDD?

  BWM 20:14 16 Aug 2006

No. However, I did use a memory stick in one of the other ports.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:33 16 Aug 2006

The memory stick will have been allocated the f: drive letter.

The only way is to refresh your USB ports.

leave drive plugged in and powered. then in device manager uninstall EVERTHING under the heading USB.

rinstall by either clicking Action -scan for new hardware or by rebooting the PC.

XP will scan and reinstall all the USB ports and reallocate the drive letters.

  BWM 21:22 16 Aug 2006

Thanks, but it did not work. It still allocates H: to the disk

  UncleP 11:30 17 Aug 2006

If you assign a drive letter to a particular device using the sub-menu for that device in the Disk Management window, the OS will remember that and only give unused letters to new devices.

So connect both external devices; re-assign the memory stick letter (assuming it is F: as Fruit Bat suggests) to an unused drive letter, and then re-assign that for the external HDD from H: to F:.

It is IMHO good practice to avoid the early letters for devices which may be unplugged from the system, as they are often required for optical drives etc. But if you have several applications that require the data on the external HD to be on F:, that advice has probably come too late!

  BWM 20:22 17 Aug 2006

Thanks that worked

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