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Drive letter needed for flash drive disappeared

  Compidiot 16:25 12 May 2017

My flash drive wouldn't load. On investigation I saw that it was not on the usual drive letter (G). I googled the problem and tried to change the drive in disk management but the letter G was missing from the drop down list. What else can I do?

  difarn 20:49 12 May 2017

Some things to try:-

This sometimes happen when you try to connect more than one drive using the same usb port? Have you tried connecting a drive that does work, leaving it in that port and then putting the flash drive that is not being recognised in another usb port? It should then be allocated a drive letter.

When you insert your flash drive and go to disk management can you recognise that drive by the size shown even though it has not been allocated a letter? If so are you able to right-click on the drive description in the lower right-hand pane and select change drive letter?

Insert your flash drive. In Device Manager can you click on "show hidden devices" by clicking on "view", delete any usb devices that you know are not connected and sometimes your device will show. If it doesn't remove it and re-insert it.

  Compidiot 18:38 13 May 2017

Thank you for your help.

As you suggested I inserted another flash drive in the port I usually use and the one that I can't load in another and drive G appeared but it came up as a CD rom drive and wouldn't load. Yesterday it also came up as a CD rom drive instead of the usual albeit with a different letter. I think maybe the problem is it thinks it's a CD rom. I looked on show hidden devices and two F drives were shown. I was going to delete one to see what would happen but was afraid to in case I was doing something I shouldn't. Other flash drives seem to be working as normal.

  Burn-it 00:38 14 May 2017

Don't forget that drive letters are dynamic and are assigned in the order that drives are detected, though there are conventions. A and B are usually reserved for floppies, C is usually the first hard drive and D is usually the first CD/DVD drive. All these can be changed.

  Compidiot 15:15 14 May 2017

Thank you for your help. When it was working, my flash drive started with a launcher which had a drive letter (f), I put in my password and then I could access my documents (drive g). Now on disk management it says it is a CD rom. How can I change it to a USB drive and hopefully launch it?

  difarn 15:37 14 May 2017

When you right click on the flash drive in disk management do you have the option to go into properties? If so does it give the option to change to usb function?

  Compidiot 15:30 16 May 2017

I'm sorry for the delay in replying. I'm sure I ticked the box for email notification but I didn't get one so thought you'd abandoned me. I did what you said (disk management/properties) and selected Hardware which looked as though it might do something, selected the USB option and clicked OK but nothing changed.

  Bris 18:04 16 May 2017

This had me going for a bit until you mentioned a launcher and password.

It seems your flash drive is a U3 device (see below).

I dont know what has happened in your case but it suggests that you have either set up a CD partition on the drive or its got corrupted somehow.

"If your USB Flash Drive (UFD) has a Silicon Motion Inc. (SMI) controller inside it (such as many of the UFDs from Lexar), then you can use the SMI_UFDiskUtilities application (hereafter called SMIUFD.exe) to make a CD/DVD partition, write-protect the mass storage area, or even split the mass storage area into two and password protect and hide the 2nd area".

These 3 links may be of interest:

here and here and here.

  Compidiot 20:46 17 May 2017

Thank you for taking the trouble to reply. I think this will be a bit too technical for me but I will give it a try.

  Bris 18:24 18 May 2017

What is the make of the drive?

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