Drive letter changed without me knowing - How?

  compumac 11:09 01 Nov 2011

ALL my data files are backed up regularly to an external drive and some data files that are changed perhaps several times a day are also backed up to a memory stick automatically using AllwaySync. This has worked very well, but this morning I was checking the memory stick and found that it had not been updated for five days. Using Explorer I discovered that the memory stick drive letter was now 'G' whereas it had always been 'F'. No other drive letters have changed.'F' is not now shown at all. All drives have also labels attached to identify them. What could have caused this? No other drives have been connected or removed in the interim. Any thoughts out there?

  robin_x 11:18 01 Nov 2011
  compumac 11:30 01 Nov 2011

Robinofloxley Thanks for prompt reply, however I do not understand as to how it has changed as no drives, USB items have been inserted or removed in this period.

  compumac 13:46 02 Nov 2011

I realise now that I did in fact connect another USB toy (Solar panel Sunny Beam)into one of the REAR USB slots for about 10 minutes on the PC. My USB memory stick is located on the front panel of the PC and is very rarely removed from that port. I have in the meantime changed the Drive letter for the USB memory stick to 'W'following comments elsewhere.

I would invite comments on my theory that the REAR ports take precedence over the ports on the front and this could have resulted in the drive change? Or am I talking rubbish?

  spuds 15:00 02 Nov 2011

You may find that the rear usb ports are direct from the motherboard (precedence) and the front usb ports are attached by cable (additional)?.

It as been suggested in the past, that this type of arrangement 'might' provide usb2 direct from motherboard, and possibly usb1 from cable attachment. I wouldn't really know if this is a possibility, just going on hearsay?.

  Bris 15:41 02 Nov 2011

Windows seems to delight in changing drive letters for no apparent reason. All versions of Windows do this. Its about time Microsoft fixed the problem!

  Bris 15:51 02 Nov 2011

Just an addition to my post above. This problem is not confined to USB drives but also HDD drives. I have a number of HDDs that I connect via an e-SATA dock and I always have to check the drive letter when I connect a drive as invariably Windows has changed it. The OS seems to remember what was connected to a port and its drive letter so if you connect a different device it gives it the next vacant letter.

  compumac 16:15 02 Nov 2011

spuds You would seem to confirm my belief.

  compumac 17:53 02 Nov 2011

Mike Iam OK on this now but would be interested to know whereabouts the option to "bind to external drive characteristics" is located as I cannot find it.

  compumac 21:49 02 Nov 2011


Found it, thanks for that.

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