Drive Letter assignment

  leedsafc 09:41 25 Apr 2005

Am i correct in assuming that drive letters cannot be changed. I have just built a pc and installed winxp home. it has assigned the hard drive (G) I have installed a dvd rewriter a cd rom and a combined floppy/card reader which all have drive letters assigned before the Hard drive letter. Wots all that about!

  ventanas 09:54 25 Apr 2005

All drive letters can easily be changed from within XP, ecept that which holds the system files (usually C). There is a way even to do this though. To change any other drive right click My Computer and choose Manage, then Disc Managment. Right click and drive in the bottom half of the window and choose to change drive letter.

To do it for the system drive click here Not for the faint-hearted though. You really need to find out why the default letter for the system files is not "C"

  dan11 09:56 25 Apr 2005


Drive letters are easy to change in XP. The only exception will probably be the "A" + "C" drive. You can change all the rest.

You may have slight problems if you change the cdrom drive letter, but not much.

  leedsafc 09:58 25 Apr 2005

Thanks for that. I would like to know why C wasn,t the default for the HDD. Will it make any difference if i just leave the letter unchanged or will it eventually cause problems with the system.

  ventanas 10:16 25 Apr 2005

It will cause problem with installations as they will always default to C, and you will have to change the path. You really need to get this drive back to C. Have you used any partitioning software, or replaced a disc controller?

The only way to get it back from G to C is to use the method in the article I have linked to. Or perhaps start again.

  leedsafc 11:01 25 Apr 2005

Hi Ventanas. It was a fresh install on an unpartitioned 80 Gig HD. I have not used any partitioning software and I am not aware that i have replaced the disc controller. I have looked at the link but it seems a bit scary. What do you mean should i start a fresh install? And how would i do that. Thanks for your help.

  ventanas 11:17 25 Apr 2005

I would be inclined to give all optical drives new letters eg D & E. Set the floppy drive as A if not done already. The use your XP CD to delete the existing partition (I assume there is only one), create a new partiton and format it. Hopefully it will come up as C. You will of course have to back up, and then reinstall everything. Then re-letter the optical drives as you want them.

I have a sneaky feeling its this "combined" floppy/card reader that is causing your problems. Never heard of a floppy drive being combined with a card reader.

  ventanas 11:36 25 Apr 2005

Sorry, I ended the last posting before I intended. The reason I blame this multi-reader is that a floppy drive will automatically assign intself to drive A. A card reader will tack itself on the end of all the other letters as a removable drive. So if you have A, C, D, & E the card reader would show as F. What letter does this thing now show as? I think it could be confusing your whole system.

  leedsafc 11:55 25 Apr 2005

Good thinking Ventaras. I have had a problem with this Floppy/card reader, as although the system sees the floppy it does not read a floppy disc when i put one in, i thought i may have put the ribbon cable in wrong and i am in the process of checking it, it has assigned the floppy as "A" drive and the other card readers "E"&F but no "C"

  sinbad1 12:16 25 Apr 2005


thinking of changing my drive letters, what is the slight problem with changing cd rom letter?
I have dvd and dvdrw.

C O/S...............O/S



F data..............backup

g Video.............dvdrom

h Backup............dvdrw

if i change the drive letters need to know how to overcome any problems.


  sinbad1 12:19 25 Apr 2005

sorry message for ventanus

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