Drive lerrers

  hgrock 00:08 03 Aug 2004

i hooked up an intrnal zip to my pc,on the same primary cable as the HD, the secondary cable has 2 CD Rom drives, when i turned on the PC my C drive became E and the Zip was C, how can i remady this. unhooking the zip drive made no differance

  johnnyrocker 00:10 03 Aug 2004

not much chance of help if you dont provide some useful info like os etc


  User-312386 00:17 03 Aug 2004

hi there

As johnnyrocker has said could please give us your operating system (windows95, 98, ME or XP)?

Many thanks

Its nice to ask in a polite way i think

  hgrock 07:55 03 Aug 2004

madboy33©® the Os is XP professional, thansk for your responce

  TECHNODIMWIT 09:24 03 Aug 2004

Have you tried system restore, should sort it out and return letters to normal.

  Mister Splendid©® 10:22 03 Aug 2004

Make sure the jumper settings are correct, hard drive to primary and Zip drive to slave, and make sure the hard drive uses the connector on the end of the ide cable.

  Sans le Sou 10:51 03 Aug 2004

If it is all connected properly you should be able to assign drive letters in Admin.Tools/computer management/disk management, or is it different in XP pro. Do you have the Zip tools as there may be a drive letter management application in your version.

  Djohn 12:11 03 Aug 2004

It's the same for XP pro but you can't alter the Master dive letter, usually C. All other drive letters but not the C drive from computer management. System restore is the best option to try and change this back. j.

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