Drive keeps opening after Nero update

  pubsinger 16:31 09 Nov 2004

My neighbour is driving me nuts!! He`s 72 and does pretty well on his PC (with my frequent help) but here`s one I can`t sort.
He`s running XP Home and I assume that SP2 recently installed itself (no major problems).
He got a popup saying his version of Nero wasn`t compatible with XP so called me. We followed the link and downloaded and installed the update.
NOW - every time he launches Nero the DVD drive pops open. That on its own is not a big problem, but when he tried to burn a data disc the drive just kept opening and closing over and over. It makes no difference if there`s a disc in or not.
We`ve done a System restore to yesterday but now he`s nagging me about the popup again... help!! Any ideas??

I have emailed Nero but have had no reply yet.
e-machine/ celeron 1.2GHz/ 256MB DDR... etc.. :-)

  no-name 17:01 09 Nov 2004

pubsinger do you mean that the drive is opening/closing continuously?

Is your neighbour aware that the drive will open when the burn is complete?

  Cook2 17:19 09 Nov 2004

Which version of Nero? Has he the latest updates?

My gave no problems with XP or SP2.

  Cook2 17:19 09 Nov 2004

Which version of Nero? Has he the latest updates?

My gave no problems with XP or SP2.

  Stuartli 17:34 09 Nov 2004

Nero controls the operation of the drive(s) whilst being used - that's why AutoPlay should be disabled.

When, for instance, you have completed the burning of a disk the drawer should open to allow you to remove the disk.

  pubsinger 00:48 10 Nov 2004

I don`t know the actual version number (could check tomorrow), but it`s a recent Nero 6.xx.xx. and the latest update download (yesterday). . . .
The ROM opens as soon as Nero launches. Then when trying to burn a disc the drive opens and closes six or seven times before settling down. But halfway through the burn it opens again and the burn is ruined. . . . . . . . .
Using System Restore to get rid of the update has stopped the problem, but now he gets the popup again telling him that his version on Nero is not compatible with XP/SP2. No reply yet from the Nero Support team.

  curlylad 00:54 10 Nov 2004

Very <º))))))><3 , have you tried updating the driver for the ROM drive ?

  Stuartli 09:29 10 Nov 2004

A CD/DVD-ROM drive or rewriter only requires the basic Windows CDROM driver - it's programs such as Nero that enable a rewriter to be used for its basic purpose.

  no-name 09:37 10 Nov 2004

But there may be some updated firmware for the drive (eg I couldn't write to some brands of disc until I updated the firmware).

I don't know if this would help with the problem.

  curlylad 11:16 10 Nov 2004

Try uninstalling Nero , windows update (if you are not automatically updated) , reinstall nero and try again.

  pubsinger 11:40 10 Nov 2004

Being a green-around-the-gills user he leaves his PC set on Auto Update for everything. I disabled it for him once but he was on the phone by the minutes; "I`ve got this popup....", so I set it back to Auto and got some peace. (Yes, he lives next door but telephones me!). . . . . . . .
This morning we uninstalled Nero completely, rebooted and reinstalled. AOK (still getting the warning about incompatibilty). Then we downloaded and installed the Nero update again (28MB) and guess what??? Yup - drives going bonkers. We`ve now restored back to before the initial update and we`re gonna leave it like that unless the Nero team can come up with anything. The software is working fine without the update so...... if it ain`t broke, why fix it? lol. . . . .Thanx all for input. . .It`s a really strange one.

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