Drive Image v7 error oxEA390007

  anniesboy68 16:08 12 Oct 2003

I am unable [NOW, because it did for the first time] to save my c drive image to dvd disk DVD-RW4.7gig. It did it before. Everything works ok the drive seems ok by testing, and nero burns to it ok. I keep getting the error as shown in the heading. Any observations would be appreciated! PS, I have reformatted the disk/s. The error notice relates to put a 'disk in' when there is already one in!!!

  anniesboy68 20:20 12 Oct 2003

Has anyone any observations on this please. The error message is not listed on the FAQ PowerQuest site

  powerless 20:31 12 Oct 2003

Are you using the same disks as before?

  anniesboy68 14:12 13 Oct 2003

Powerless....Yes, but as I stated before they have been formatted again

  powerless 19:30 13 Oct 2003

Well with CD-RW disks they have a repuatation of being rubbish. CD-R are ideal. ...and cheaper.

Not sure with DVD-RW's...

Maybe try a brand new disk? needed but i think it maybe to do with the reformat of the disk.

  anniesboy68 20:05 13 Oct 2003

Umm....Probably is something to do with the disks. Trouble is they cost so much, wasted thirty quid on DVD=RWs when I needed DVD-RWs [which I have now of course]. I am reluctant to spend any more pennies, as I do have a back up on drive D. However....should the whole lot be it. What with the cost of the program, buying disks etc it has set me back nearly £100.00 Wish I had not bothered with DI now!!!!

  anniesboy68 20:06 13 Oct 2003

should be wasted thirty quid on DVD+RWs etc etc

  anniesboy68 18:49 16 Oct 2003

PS did it with eleven [11} CD Rs......£4.00

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