Drive Image V4 on W98SE

  david4637 21:08 17 Feb 2003

I have taken an image of the C:\ (Windows & Applics) and saved it to the D:\ (data) with no problems.
I thought I ought to test it out and try to restore the C:\.
I selected Restore Image, and it said the space on C:\ has data, do you want to delete the data and the partition.
Obviously in restoring the image the original data will be overwritten, but I am confused when it states the partition will also be deleted.
Would you please let me know if this is correct and therefore indicate whether its safe to proceed on not.

  Andÿ 21:18 17 Feb 2003

Yes it is correct it is just letting you know that the data already on C will be gone/overwritten.

  Rtus 21:20 17 Feb 2003

the partition is deleted and restored by the Drive image your restoring ,as it copies sector by sector there shouldnt be any problems for you doing this..

  david4637 21:47 17 Feb 2003

Thanks very much for your help. I will now try out the restore function. Just one more query. Is it possible to restore say a folder that has been deleted by accident, or is it a full restoration a only? Thanks David.

  Rtus 22:07 17 Feb 2003

In my oppinion its just as easy to restore the lot as when you require to restore individual folders it can take just as long ..that may seem odd but give it a wiz and see what I mean..Do remember to update your image if you add progs to the Hd later.It can run away with you though I have some 17 variations of O/s setups I call on for specific jobs.including Fleccs Speedos..

  david4637 22:18 17 Feb 2003

Can you actually restore a folder, if so there must be some means of looking at the pqi file?
There does not appear to be much in the way of help files with this cover disc version hence my queries. Thanks David

  leo49 22:27 17 Feb 2003

Never actually done it myself but according to the Help files with DImage2002,one can restore individual files using Image Explorer BUT I don't recall Image Explorer being included with DImage4.


  david4637 14:58 18 Feb 2003

Just one more query, you have been very helpful already,can you save the Drive Image Version 4 pqi file in specific sized chunks, say for burning to CDR? Note DI v4 does not support my CDRW drive. Alternatively would Winzip be capable of splitting up the file into chunks? Thanks David

  zanwalk 16:51 18 Feb 2003

Yes, you can easily save the image file in 'CD-R' sized chunks, if you click on the 'Advanced' button before finally clicking 'OK', it gives you several options one of which is to split the file into 640Mb approx portions which can then be burnt to CD by any CD burner.

  woodchip 16:58 18 Feb 2003

And you cannot restore a folder only the full image file

  Rtus 18:14 18 Feb 2003

I believe Dim 4 had an image explorer/editor and it wasnt installed as default it had to be added later or under a customised installation . however page 68 of the manual gives all details (think this is mirrored on the Cd too),With a supported (note supported) drive you can restore individual files /folders add /subtract passwords and much more..

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