Drive image software - which is best?

  Dalglish2 09:44 07 Aug 2008


I need to keep a backup of my desktop PC and am faced with a few options - my PC has been loaded with Drive Image XML - will this do the job of protecting the PC or would I better trying True Image or similar?

  crosstrainer 09:48 07 Aug 2008

No contest for me Acronis True image:

click here

  Batch 09:53 07 Aug 2008

True Image has never let me down. Used it on 3 different PCs now. Still using v.8

  Eric10 10:36 07 Aug 2008

Another vote for Acronis True Image. I've used it since v.6, now on v.11.

  Ditch999 11:58 07 Aug 2008

Just dont expect any Support from them!

  Dalglish2 18:28 07 Aug 2008

Acronis it is then thanks guys.

  Pine Man 18:40 07 Aug 2008

I have used both Norton Ghost and Acronis True Image. No contest at all True image is the best by far and, contrary to Ditch999's experience, I had speedy help from Acronis with a minor problem when Vista was first launched.

  woodchip 18:45 07 Aug 2008

For me there is only one and its been named by a least three

  flyboy 19:42 07 Aug 2008

Acronis by far.

  JYPX 21:03 07 Aug 2008

Don't forget that if you have a Maxtor or Seagate external drive, you can have a copy of Acronis True Image Home 10, free of charge. Download it here: click here
I have tried it out - it works perfectly, and I have neither of the drives mentioned....!

  Dalglish2 10:15 11 Aug 2008

cheers all

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