Drive Image - Restoring Image

  crimbo 08:25 16 Aug 2003

How long should it take when restoring an image using the rescue floppies? Ihad cause to use it yesterday to restore my 17GB C drive, and it took over 3 hrs. It worked, but i have raed posts on this site stating you can be back up and running in 30 mins. I have a Western Digital 60GB HD, Athlon 1200 on Win XP. Regards, Kevin

  zanwalk 09:01 16 Aug 2003

Sounds a bit long to me, but it does depend on the options you choose when restoring. You can for instance check a box to 'skip error checking' which speeds up the process considerably.

However, restoring an image shouldn't normally be something that you have to do regularly, so 3hrs may be a lot better than not having a back up at all!

Consider also splitting that fairly large 17Gb partition into two or three smaller ones, if this is possible.

  anchor 09:28 16 Aug 2003

I very recently used Drive Image to restore my hard drive from CD-R`s. I had about 2.1gb to restore, and it took about 45 mins.

  crimbo 12:38 16 Aug 2003

It was very difficult for me to choose any options because my USB mouse wouldn't work, therefore i had to choose image etc with the tab key!

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