Drive Image 7.0

  hoverman 15:33 01 Feb 2004

I have just downloaded and unzipped the upgrade patch 7.01 for DI7. However, when I click on the Setup icon I am presented with a screen stating I have chosen to remove DI7. Only 'remove' and 'cancel' buttons are highlighted at the bottom. Surely you do not have to remove a program to install a patch?

  Spark6 16:24 01 Feb 2004

I purchased Drive Image 7 on Thursday which included Drive Image 2002 for Windows ME, 98, 95 & NT. I registered the Serial No. for the 2002 version because I currently run 98SE.

After reading your thread I tried to download the update you refer to but was told that my registration did not entitle me to it! I do not need it at present but may do when I upgrade.

When I entered the S.No. for the 7 version I was given a Tel. No. to contact which I will do so tomorrow. I am naturally very interested in all postings you receive on this subject.

Good luck.

  anchor 17:18 01 Feb 2004


I look forward to reading what happens when you contact them. I also have bought Drive Image 7, although have not used it yet. I have Win-XP.

  Chegs ® 17:24 01 Feb 2004

I tried DI7,but the additional .Net framework d/l put me off.I still use DI2002 floppies,as its a lot less hassle for me.My OS is XP Home.

  hoverman 17:27 01 Feb 2004
  Spark6 20:23 01 Feb 2004

Hoverman and Chegs:

As stated in my earlier posting, I have installed the DI2002 version. To date I have not experienced any problems.

The recommendation I followed, when I bought my copy, came from Djohn, who is using it successfully, when he posted to a thread from Lilbil.

Maybe Djohn will be able to help with this query.

  Djohn 20:50 01 Feb 2004

Hi Spark6, Yep! I installed the copy two weekends back. I did a format and clean install of XP Pro. first, then downloaded all the Win. up-dates, installed DI7 and made a back-up to second drive.

It was really straightforward and easy to follow the instructions. I was waiting for the reference to .net framework to appear but saw nothing mentioned, maybe it was already included in the downloads from Win. site.

Haven't looked at the up-grade patch yet, but will do so later and see what it says. I did register the serial number of DI7 and allowed for e-mails on future products/up-dates, but have not received anything from the company yet. j.

  Chegs ® 20:52 01 Feb 2004

Check exactly which version you presently have on your pc(DI7)now,as you might have it already updated(newer cd)

  Djohn 21:14 01 Feb 2004

Just says. DI7 J.

  SEASHANTY 21:18 01 Feb 2004


  james55 22:11 01 Feb 2004

I have also just bought Drive Image 7.0 to use with XP Home but have not installed it yet. Didn't know until now there was any problems, sorry can't help but will watch with interest.


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