Drive Image 7 - Will it support an External HDD?

  wee eddie 16:18 03 Jul 2003

I have an external HDD. Maxtor 250Gb. Firewire or USB2.

The 2002 version, does not support such external drives.

I have read the blurb on the PowerQuest Site and it sort of avoids the matter. Whilst mentioning Firewire and USB devices, it does not specify External HDD's.

  BillEmm 16:31 03 Jul 2003

DI 7 supports external (inc USB and Firewire) and network drives but only runs under WinXP and Win2K Pro. It also requires the Microsoft .NET Framework.

....and its more diving into DOS to get things done...and its faster than previous versions.

Just hope it works!!

So far I have taken two backups but not yet used the restore function - hopefully never have to!!!

  wee eddie 19:23 03 Jul 2003

as my PC runs W98, and you've lost me on the .Net Framework.

I was hoping that Partition Magic 8 and Drive Image 7, could be teamed, as part of my Back-up System for next 5 years. I would expect the w98 base unit to be adequate for Office Work for the next 3 years anyway.

OOh-ee - That statement's throwing fortune to the winds. Isn't it!

  -pops- 19:28 03 Jul 2003

From the Powerquest web site:

"Drive Image 7 runs on Windows XP Home and Professional, as well as Windows 2000 Professional Desktop Version.

Drive Image 2002 is included for users of Windows 95c, 98, ME and NT 4.0 Workstation. The purchase price includes both products."

You should be able to get DI 2002 very cheaply soon though!


  leo49 20:00 03 Jul 2003

I installed DI7 at the weekend to see what was different and frankly I believe they've lost the plot with this release. I quickly got rid of it and went back to DI2002.As stated above,pick up DI2002 cheaply as IMHO it's a far better sorted version.


  wee eddie 20:11 03 Jul 2003

Drive Image 2002 does not support Firewire or USB HDD's. I was in PCW the other day and I think it even says so on the box.

  woodchip 20:21 03 Jul 2003

Do you have a lot on C:\ to backup if you have a drive that big why not just backup your Doc's video or what you have on to the external drive, and use DI to backup C:\to CDR or CDRW do not know how you are using your drives so cannot give an answer

  BillEmm 21:03 03 Jul 2003

I have no knowledge of DI 2002 but I had to get DI 7 because I was having problems with DI 5 on XP. I could only run it from the floppy - so I went for the new Version, which I think is a breath of fresh air! It runs in Windows, instead of DOS, is pretty fast, has a much better interface than DI 5 and can save images to external drives. Brilliant!!

leo49, I can't understand your point. DI 2002 is for Win9x/ME/NT while 7 is for XP/2K Pro. It may be that 2002 runs on XP but it has nowhere near the function or flexibility of 7.


  leo49 22:23 03 Jul 2003

DI2002 is for ALL os's including XP/2k - contrary to your statement version 7 has less flexibility as it requires a 23mb prior installation of MS .Net Framework[which the vast majority of pC users have no other use for] - no more one-off running from floppies.Furthermore the GUI has been dumbed down and is less intuitive. Agreed it stays in Windows when creating an image which users might find less worrying, but so does DI2002 when run from one of my other OS's.

Each to his own.

  leo49 22:34 03 Jul 2003

I don't think you appreciate the major changes that occurred between version5 and DI2002 stays in Windows except where working on the active partition.If you had used 2002,I think you'd see that the changes that have now been made in DI7 are mainly cosmetic[and I don't like them!]. :o)

  Qmar 22:36 03 Jul 2003

F.L. was not impressed .. and points to a "better" cheaper alternative..(?)
click here


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