Drive Image 7 obsolete?

  CurlyWhirly 14:28 20 Aug 2004

I bought Drive Image 7 when it first came out and what I am worried about is as Symantec have bought out Powerquest is it possible that they will stop supporting Drive Image 7 in an attempt (I expect) to get people to upgrade to Norton Ghost as they were once rival software packages?

This is indeed worrying as IF this is true my Drive Image 7 backup wouldn't be recognised by Norton Ghost as it would probably be of a different format.
Any comments as I am sure there are quite a few forum members who own Drive Image 7?

  xania 14:40 20 Aug 2004

Frankly, it wouldn't surprise me if Systemworks didn't start to include Partition Magic. It seems a logical step. However, so long as they market both products, I expect that the two (Drive Image and Norton Ghost) will appear as part of their separate packages. However, why not pose the question direct to Symantec. Whatever they choose, I doubt that we mere UK mortals will be able to influence after the event - before hand, on the other hand, is perhaps a differnt matter.

  CurlyWhirly 14:45 20 Aug 2004

I have already asked that question but so far no reply from Symantec and this was over a week ago!
Perhaps they don't think it important enough to answer!
Mind you they are a MASSIVE company so this is to be expected.

  bvw in bristol 15:03 20 Aug 2004

click here and click on buy.

Using Acronis True Image now, £35ish.

  Peter 15:32 20 Aug 2004


I think, and this is just my personal opinion, that Symantec is the Microsoft of the Software Utilites sector.

When Peter Norton started out with his Norton Utilities the main opposition was from Central Point, which they bought out, dumped what they didn't want and integrated the rest into SystemWorks.

Ghost was bought out from another and somewhat smaller company and more recently PowerQuest has been taken over.

Symantec is getting stronger all the time and, like Microsoft, you have less and less options other than to take what they offer. If they decide to drop, or not update, a product, we as the user don't have much say in the matter.

Central Point products were as good as, if not better than, Norton's and usually easier to use, but they are no longer available.

As I wrote, at the begining, this is just my opinion, but that's how I see it.


  woodchip 16:02 20 Aug 2004

Your DI CD is not going to curl up and die, while it keeps doing the job you bought it for. Why worry about who bought what

  CurlyWhirly 17:13 21 Aug 2004

Fair comment!

  powerless 17:38 21 Aug 2004

Norton Ghost 9 is built upon DI and it can recognise DI image files. It also adds a few new features. So symantec has provided support for old software [dI7] and improved? a product?

click here

  sattman 21:36 21 Aug 2004

I would not be concerned about any possible lack of support, I am confident my version 4 will restore my system when required.

  Wuggy 22:00 21 Aug 2004

Recently built new PC for my son (P4 2.6 Asus 800mhz FSB Mobo, Win XP SP1)and used my version of PQDI 2002 to make image file. Image kept failing and would not open - beset with error messages (Not for first time). In desperation looked through some old issues of PC Advisor and in Spring 2004 edition (edition 104) found link to free version of Acronis True Image Deluxe (link on Acronis website still active) After obtaining serial number installed and ran program. It leaves PQDI for dead and actually creates image while still in Windows although drops to DOS to restore an image. So impressed I bought the latest version 8. I always swore PQDI was better than sliced bread but Acronis True Image is far superior. Burnt Image made to second partition to a DVD and kept it in chunks below 1.99GB. True Image reads and offers to restore it. It's free. It's first class.

  CurlyWhirly 22:59 21 Aug 2004

I now know that I have nothing to worry about as like you said Symantec has proven itself by both supporting and improving Drive Image 7.

As regards Wuggy's comments I can't respond as I have NEVER used 'Acronis True Image Deluxe' but I will say that on 2 occasions 'Drive Image' has NOT let me down when I needed it most i.e. when on one occasion I had a hard drive crash and the other time when I had that Blaster worm through me NOT bothering to download the Microsoft security updates.
I have since set XP to automatic updates to avoid this happening again!

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