Drive Image 7 - Installation

  Gran 19:25 05 Jan 2004

My system is seriously running out of space on my system partition 'C' on disk 1, which is where XP resides. Now down to 250 Megs free space.

I've bought DI7 with the idea of installing it (on partition 'D'), migrate partition 'C' and partition 'D' to drive 'E' on disk 2, re-partition and re-format disk 1 to provide more space for 'C'. Then restore.

Never used DI before, ever!! Does this plan sound feasible, if I'm careful? Should I look out for problems? Any cautions or suggestions would be gratefully received.

I have Partition Magic, but it is complaining with Error 100 -possibly because of my HP photosmart printer.

Thanks, Gran

  MichelleC 20:23 05 Jan 2004

Drive image can do it, but b/up in case. If it stalls you've got a prob. PM can't clone.

  Gran 20:29 05 Jan 2004

Thank you MichelleC. I'll definitely b/up my important files first, but am still studying DI manual and planning the recovery path.

  leo49 20:37 05 Jan 2004

In theory it sounds OK but although I've used DImage for 3 years I wouldn't do it.XP,unlike the 9x OSs, is very very picky about where it's restored to and doesn't like being moved[it's "tied" to the disc,somehow-possibly due to the activation mechanism].

I would try and get PM working by following the error code advice and temporarily removing the printer - and then increasing the c drive size.

Whatever you do,take an image of your c drive first so that you can restore the status quo if it goes awry.

  Gran 20:49 05 Jan 2004

Thanks for that. I think that you have confirmed my worries about DI and XP. I guess I'm going to have to remove the printer after is rather messy to reinstall though (photosmart 1315).

I will take an image of c first though. I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that a re-build of disk 1 and a reinstall of XP is going to be the only way in the end!!!


  leo49 20:57 05 Jan 2004

I'm still trying to puzzle out what is eating the space on your c drive[your previous thread]. I've 2 installations of XP on one of my machines;one I use solely as a boot drive,an emergency fallback and for operating on the main XP OS so it only has the bare minimum of progs on it and that only takes up 2gb - my main installation with the usual roster of big programs is only 3.6gb[admittedly all Temp files and the Page file are on other drives].So I find your predicament rather puzzling. I'll carry on mulling it and if a lighbulb goes off I'll be in touch.

Good luck

  Gran 21:56 05 Jan 2004

Many thanks for that leo49. Yes, that has been exercising my thoughts for some time now, since I only have XP on that partition. All my main appls are on partition 'd'. I cleaned everything off 'c' that I can get access to, via disk cleanup and so on, but cannot seem to find what is using up the rest of the space.

When I look at 'c' in explorer, or via 'my computer', the directories and files only appear to add up to a max of about 3 Gigs. I have anti-virused with AVG, and before that with Norton. They have both assured me that the system is clean. The free space seems to hover around 225 to 250 Megs. Very strange, as you say. I don't know if there are more hidden files which I haven't been able to unlock.

I'll continue working on it.

  Gran 21:58 05 Jan 2004

P.S. I'm going to remove all my USB (h/w - not the drivers just yet) periphs tomorrow, including the printer, and try Part Magic again.

  woodchip 22:07 05 Jan 2004

NO to your first post, Windows knows where it was installed and will not work on another partition unless you dual boot also program moved from the drive that they are configured to run on will mess everything up as the drive letters have changed, It can be done with the right kind of software as it moves files that’s needed for the program and alters the reg settings etc. It would be far quicker to start from scratch, after saving any thing that needs saving

  woodchip 22:09 05 Jan 2004

PS there is one thing you could do with Drive Image that is Make an Image of C:\ copy to other Partition or CD you could then load the large drive or what you want to do the Restore the Image to the new C:\ Drive

  Gran 21:56 06 Jan 2004

Decision taken. I'll re-install and attempt to arrange things so that this will not happen again. Even try to sort out P. Magic and its error 100. There are quite a few new drivers around, even for the photosmart printer, which fix some long standing probs, so it's probably worth doing it all from scratch.

Thanks to everyone for your helpful input.


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