Drive Image 7 bootable disk error not working?

  1307buster 12:43 28 Aug 2007

Where can I get a copy of the bootable CD for the Drive Image 7.0 program, so that I can recover the hard drive from a system failure if needed.

  CurlyWhirly 14:58 29 Aug 2007

I still use Drive Image 7 despite it being old (it has never let me down)

I think you may find it difficult to get a replacement CD as it has been continued and replaced by Norton Ghost.

  Simsy 05:21 30 Aug 2007

make a bootable CD from somewhere on the programme group on the start menu? I know it's a long time ago, but I used to use version 4... one of the options was to "Create bootable media". Is that not available with 7?

I'm assuming that you have the programme installed?



  1307buster 10:22 30 Aug 2007

I have looked through the program group which contains image browser, drive image 7, and security tool, none of the programs appear to allow me to make a backup copy of the bootable CD.

  Simsy 13:55 30 Aug 2007

the original installation CD? It might be that the option to make a bootable cd/floppy if offered during the installation process?

You could just re-install the programme and see if this is the case, and if it is, take that option?



  €dstowe 14:24 30 Aug 2007

If you have the original Acronis CD, I remember that you could use that as the bootable disk as well as preparing a separate one.

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