Drive Image 7 backup query

  CurlyWhirly 20:49 06 Aug 2005

After reading click here where the poster didn't make a backup and could possibly lose over 2 years worth of data this got me thinking hence this thread.

I currently have a 120 Gb hard drive which is performing okay at present but if anything went wrong with it in the future would it just be a matter of putting my new 160 Gb drive in (which I have already purchased but it is unformatted) and restoring my backup from my external hard drive and selecting the option "Resize drive to fill unallocated space" as there would be a 40 Gb 'gap' after restoring which hopefully this option should fill up?

I think I read in a recent PCA thread that both Norton Ghost and Drive Image 7 *can* restore backups to an unformatted drive so I have *no* need to format the drive beforehand then as I am trying to *avoid* having to restore Windows XP in the event of a hard drive failure as I was hoping to just restore the 'image' backup onto the new unformatted drive.

Am I asking the impossible here?
I have so far NOT had a hard drive failure so I haven't had any previous 'experience' (if you can call it that)

p.s. I *have* searched through the Symantec Knowledge Base but couldn't find an answer to my query and I susect it is because Drive Image 7 has now been replaced by Norton Ghost so I expect product support is less as a result?


  CurlyWhirly 21:05 06 Aug 2005

Thanks mark2

So in the event of a hard drive failure then DI7 *automatically* sorts everything out for me and so therefore I have *no* need to tick the "Resize drive to fill unallocated space" option then?

*If* so it is even easier to restore my hard drive backup then I thought!

  CurlyWhirly 22:29 06 Aug 2005

Thanks mark2 and Chegs ®

I am relieved to know that in the event of a hard drive failure all I have to do is unplug the faulty drive and plug the new (unformatted) one in and then just run DI7 and tick that option and wait around 20 minutes for my PC to be in a working state again!

I just want to make sure that I *dont* end up like the poster of the thread that I linked to in my original post as better safe than sorry.

  CurlyWhirly 22:30 06 Aug 2005

p.s. I would have replied sooner but it took 3 attempts to get my reply to post as I kept getting timed out :0(

Thanks again!

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