Drive Image 7 / 2002

  bonze 17:17 03 Mar 2005

I want to ceate an image of my hard drive which has Win ME on it and the usual programmes. has anyone any Idea how many cd's I require at the beginning of setup it mentioned 7-17 discs. I thought it would be all on one as the operating system?

  ventanas 17:22 03 Mar 2005

Depends on how much you have on it. It will copy your entire drive, not just the o/s. Far better to get a second hard drive and backup to that. I wouldn't have that much faith in a large number of cd's.

  leo49 17:27 03 Mar 2005

Look in the Properties of your C drive and see how much space is used - then you can calculate the total Image size according to the level of compression you intend to use.

To use Drive Image effectively it's advisable to partition your HDD. My old SpeedosME OS and programs image use to fit on one CDR.

  leo49 17:32 03 Mar 2005

Just to clarify:

DI creates an image of the USED portions of the HDD - it doesn't simply copy the whole drive empty space and all.

  leo49 17:36 03 Mar 2005

I wish I'd never started this...

should read "USED portions of the drive or partition".

  Chegs ® 17:57 03 Mar 2005

My pc has XP(bloated beast of an OS)and several "full instalations" of games,etc.It uses 4.22Gb's of my C: partition.Using DriveImage 2002 creates a 2 Gb image.I could use the DI software to create direct onto CD,but kept finding these images were unusable to load back to hdd(repeated errors)I then tried a free 3rd party filesplitter to create CDR sized chunks (having created the image onto another partition)burnt these + the filesplitters tiny reassembly app.Only problem I have ever had to this method is having to load a basic windows install,then copy the CDR's onto the PC and run the filesplitters reassembly app before using DI to load the image "over the top of windows" As I now have over 240Gb's of hdd space,I no longer need to burn any more CDR's with DI/Filesplitter unless my "original" CDR's are lost/damaged,etc as DI can even be used with SATA hdd's and no buggering about with SATA drivers,etc.

  bonze 19:47 03 Mar 2005

Thank you all for the advice it was as ventanus said that to use all those disc's did not seem practical. Cheers .

  ventanas 21:45 03 Mar 2005

That's what I meant to say. Entire drive was not quite correct was it?

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