shaduf 12:24 11 Aug 2004

My 2 year old Fujitsu computer is fitted with a Seagate 80 Gb drive as supplied and a Western Digital 120 Gb that I fitted as drive D. I now wish to upgrade by using the WD drive as the system drive and fitting a new 160Gb Maxtor as the second drive.

The WD (D) drive is currently empty and I am trying to use Drive Image 7 to copy the Seagate over to it. (So that it can become my new system disk. After a few minutes I get the error message” Error EOBB0097:Volume \\?\ ect , etc cannot be locked. Error 00000005: Access is denied”

I’ve printed out the Drive Image Manual but there is no meaningful help and the procedure seems so simple.

Any users of the program got any ideas please or is there a better way or program?


  scooby43 17:10 11 Aug 2004

try this click here

  Djohn 17:27 11 Aug 2004

Are you making a back-up image of your main drive first, then transferring it to the slave drive?

  TomJerry 17:31 11 Aug 2004

Both Western Digital and Seagate provide software (free) for the task you want to do, they can be found from their web site.

You may be a clone tool, not image tool.

  leo49 17:32 11 Aug 2004

The WD error codes referenced above are irrelevant - that's a DI error code.

Try booting with the DI disc and running the program from there - if you're running the program from within Windows then you're attempting to copy a moving target.DI can't "fix" or lock the drive to be copied as it's in use and thus constantly changing.

  woodchip 17:44 11 Aug 2004

Coppy the Old C:\ drive to CDR or DVD's then take the old drive out and Fit the WD, Run DI and restore the Image to the WD that should make it C:\

  woodchip 17:45 11 Aug 2004

Coppy the Old C:\ drive to CDR or DVD's then take the old drive out and Fit the WD, Run DI and restore the Image to the WD that should make it C:
PS not forgetting to change the jumper to master

  johnsims 17:54 11 Aug 2004

This thread has been posted twice under different headings. Please do not waste our time. FE would delete both if I had my way.

  Djohn 18:13 11 Aug 2004

Bit heavy handed there aren't we? fortunately for shaduf, your not the FE.

  woodchip 18:18 11 Aug 2004

And from me

  shaduf 20:36 11 Aug 2004

Thanks for the help everyone.


No, I am following the Wizard in Drive Image “Copy One Hard Drive to Another Hard Drive”.
The handbook says use the Copy Drives feature when you upgrade to a larger hard drive and details how to fit the second drive, set jumpers etc. The second drive was installed and been used for weeks now and is fully operational but empty so that part is obviously correct.

I have now moved to the second section which should make the second drive an exact copy of the first but the program stalls.


I have just tried to boot from the DI but it took ages and stalled when it tried to read the network card which I don’t have. So I chickened out and aborted.

I think my best course is, as suggested by others, study the drive manufacturers web sites and if that doesn’t sort me I’ll follow Woodchips suggestion – he’s usually about right!


I’m sorry if I upset you. I posted early in the day and got zero response. Although I have never done it, I have many times seen threads bumped and thought it was acceptable. If your time is so precious to you, I wonder why you bothered to respond.

Thanks to all


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