Drive Image 2002 and XP

  ventanas 21:55 26 Sep 2004

I can't use DI7 because of a seemingly incurable problem with .net framework. I've been trying to fix it for weeks and have now given up. It appears only a reformat will fix it, and that can wait.

So does anyone please know if the 2002 disc supplied for earlier Windows versions will also work with XP, as this does not require .net

Grateful for any advice.

  leo49 01:47 27 Sep 2004

I only use DI 2002 with XP - when it was released it was the update FOR XP and it works fine. Tried DI7 and didn't like all the dumbing down - I may be an idiot but I resent a software program treating me like one.

  Mike D 08:15 27 Sep 2004

I also use DI 2002. No real problems, most that have occurred are due to operator error! I have noticed that a partial restore, say of one folder/programme can take forever, but then again, I've never been sure whether I should use it in the same way as a normal backup programme.


  ventanas 08:21 27 Sep 2004

Thank you both. I've no idea what is causing the script errors with .net framework. I have tried the repair as detailed by Microsoft, uninstalled etc... and no good. I have now removed it and DI7 from my PC. Will now install 2002. Thanks once again, I am very grateful.

  User-312386 08:31 27 Sep 2004

the reason you have this problem is that you have not installed the update for DI7 click here and you will find the update there

  ventanas 08:38 27 Sep 2004

Sorry but no, the problem existed before and after I installed this update. I had little hope that the update would work because the problem lies with .net framework, and not DI7.

I have the same errors if I try to install the recent .net service pack. I am running DI7 without the update on another machine here at work, and have no problems.

I think I will wait for .net framework 2, which is now in beta. Its available for download from microsoft if anyone's brave enough.

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