Drive Image 2002 - Will not word

  User-A0D7AC6E-126E-4E68-A4D4FCDFAD685C3E 20:12 22 Oct 2003

Can get so far with the installation but it always give me the message go to DOS Use the disks and says it does not recognise Windows NT.
I had no idea I had a network card but it should still work. HELP!

  woodchip 20:23 22 Oct 2003

On the CD you should see the possibility to create boot floppy disc's to run the program. check the CD in Explorer read the readme file etc, On how to create the floppy disc's

  woodchip 20:25 22 Oct 2003

PS If you copy the CD to you Hard Drive Create a Folder in Explorer and put it there. Start in safe mode and run the program from the copy you made

  SEASHANTY 20:34 22 Oct 2003

Drive Image 2002 will not work with Windows XP - you need Drive Image 7. I am not sure about its compatibility with NT. The latest version of Drive Image - which is v.7 also includes D.I. 2002.

  leo49 00:28 23 Oct 2003

That is just incorrect. DI2002 works fine with XP - I've been using it since I switched to XP six months ago with zero problems.

When DI2002 was released it was THE version for XP.

  alcudia 08:38 23 Oct 2003

Can we clarify this. I've just bought Drive Image but havn't yet installed it. I am running XP Pro. The box has two discs which I have in front of me. They are labelled DI2002 for Win ME, 98, 95 & NT. and DI7 for WinXP and 2000 Pro. So it seems 2002 is the version for NT.

If you are using DI7 you must also download and install .NET Framework.

However I have heard that 2002 is the better version. If it will work OK with XP I would be very grateful for further clarification.

  leo49 09:25 23 Oct 2003

Drive Image 5 - support for XP first appeared but the program still dropped down into dos when performing actions.

Drive Image 6 - Cosmetic overhaul but the program could now remain within Windows while performing except where acting upon the system drive

Drive Image 7 - Cosmetic overhaul and switch to employing .Net Framework.Presumably to convince folk to shell out yet again,Powerquest decide to state that DI7 is for XP,etc.

Frankly, I see DI7 as a cynical marketing exercise to flog the program yet again in new clothes.Might be significant as the last of the line as now that Powerquest have been bought by the boys at Symantec what's the betting aspects of DI & PM will be incorporated into their utilities.

  alcudia 09:36 23 Oct 2003

Thanks very much. I have had my concerns about .net framework. I will use 2002 when I eventually get this new machine set up.

I didn't know that Symantec had bought it. Says a lot for Ghost.

  SEASHANTY 14:17 23 Oct 2003

Also have the box set of DI7 with the two discs and as yet still in the sealed box unused. Box wording for use is the same as you have. However, I downloaded the ms update for NET framework but this changed windows startup from single user to having to log on again so I uninstalled NET framework but used the option to keep the files - just in case this is the PC that I actually use DI with and not one of my other PC's. Since I have done this I have lost the automatic update from ms. Whenever I try for an update scan on the ms website I get the error 0 x 800A138F. Have tried ms suggestions to resolve this but it hasn't worked. Pretty sure that it was the installing and uninstalling of NET framework which caused this. Now I have to go on the ms website to check manually for updates.

  alcudia 16:33 23 Oct 2003

Thanks for the warning. Even more reason to leave .net framework alone.

I have downloaded .net Framework 1.1 plus Service Pack 2, but have not yet installed either as the machine it is for is not yet ready. Was it the service pack that caused your problems?

As it is a new machine I think I will try v2002. If it goes belly up I can easily start again.

  alcudia 16:46 23 Oct 2003

Just realised. I had a very similar error code a while back. The cause was the the clock, it was a year out. You never know.

The code I got was the same, but the log file showed 0x800c0008

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