Drive Image 2002 start-up problem

  csqwared 14:46 04 Sep 2004


This is really two questions in one. I've just completed a self-build (first one), installed W98se and other software, MS Office, Adobe, Nero etc. and all sems to work fine - Drive Image 2002 refuses to behave. The programme installed O.K. and I made the two start-up discs. Unfortunately I can't get the programme to work. If I use the start-up discs it reads the first one but when I insert the second the system displays A:\> Bad Command or File Name. If I access from the programme itself it just hangs when trying to load to DOS. The system consists of a Epox 8KMM3i mobo,AMD Athlone 2400XP, 256mb 2100DDR. Is the mobo too new for the software as it all works O.K. on my other W98se machine. The other part to the question is are there any good alternatives to Drive Image (other than Norton Ghost).

Sorry to be so long winded.



  csqwared 15:30 04 Sep 2004

Thanks for that, but this is what's puzzling me. The start up discs work fine on my original machine, I've even tried the original start-up discs I created when I first got the programme but I get the smae result. I did try as you have suggested, even uninstalled, re-installed the programme but to no avail.


  bretsky 16:09 04 Sep 2004

This is supposed to be very good click here there are a fair few out there, if you have google loads will be found.

bretsky ;0)

  csqwared 16:42 04 Sep 2004

Thanks, I have been doing a bit of a trawl for alternatives and was just seeking some input from you good folk as to what to use/avoid. I hadn't looked at Acronis but it does look good. In the event I can't sort this Drive Image thing out I might go for that. Thanks for your time.


  csqwared 18:17 04 Sep 2004

The first lot of discs I used were. I had installed Drive Image on my new machine and made start up discs from there which didn't work. I uninstalled/reinstalled Drive Image and created two more discs with the same result. I just tried the original discs out of frustration. The only thing I can think of is that the DOS on the new mobo isn't compatable with this old programme. Does that make sense?


  csqwared 20:38 04 Sep 2004

Thanks once again - I'll have a read of that and see if it throws any light on the situation. In the meantime I'll "tick" and say thanks to you folks once again for your time.


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