Drive Image 2002 and SATA hdd's Dog Slow!

  [DELETED] 16:34 31 Dec 2003

Estimated MB to Restore = 2946.0 Mbs

Total Copied = 15.7 Mbs

Transfer Rate for current partition = 14.7 Mbs

Then it freezes!

Restarting several times will eventually continue past 3% but the figures for hdd data transfer makes for grim reading...

Transfer Rate for current partition = 20 to 60 mbs a minute!

Estimated Time remaining can go over 4 hours!

I have been fighting with XP Home onto SATA hdd's for several months now,as rebooting produces blackscreens(no hdd activity at all for hours)hal.dll/config.sys/ntfs filesystem...missing/corrupt,etc.Repair option often fails with messages about a corrupt/damaged hdd.Recovery Console gets to a black screen with no cursor/keyboard access.

I finally managed to get a stable install of XP,which worked fine for a few weeks(even allowing me to reinstall my various apps for video editing)update hardware drivers,reboot and run stably again.This install I used to create a OS+apps image with DI2002(run from Rescue floppies)Boxing Day,this install suddenly locked up,reset produced a config.sys missing/corrupt message,so I restored from the Drive Image,which crashed after the first reboot with a message about Hal.dll missing/corrupt.I reran the restore again,but at a ridiculously slow rate,not to disimilar to the above figures.Usual restore operations showed transfer rates of over 300 Mbs min,various hdd speed testers show similar high speeds.Pinnacle Studio refuses to run if its unable to save data under a certain speed,since DI has started running so slow,Studio also refuses to work,Defrag/sfc /scan now,etc gets Studio off and running with no noticable slow hdd's using any of the software on my puter.

Early attempts to put XP onto SATA crashed after reboots,until I created a 15Gb partition on hdd(120Gb)to carry OS,then install the apps to another partition(called Programs)which saved some hassles with repeated reinstalls of XP as I could simply recreate shortcuts from "Programs" partition to get most apps back.

I have 2 x 120Gb SATA hdd's,AMD 2600 CPU,1.0 Gb DDR RAM.Gigabyte GA7 VAXP Ultra mobo,PCI ADSL(so getting the updates over and over isn't to much hassle)Mercury TV card(running DX 9b with no probs,whereas its predecessor,a RAVE TV card crashed with DX-9)

I have downloaded newer SATA drivers,and tried using these.No better!

As can be seen,I have tried all kinds of things with SATA hdd's to get XP running as stable as it did when put onto IDE hdd's(18 mths on IDE running 24/7 with UD)Anyone any suggestions as to what else I could try please?

  [DELETED] 16:36 31 Dec 2003

I also tried using Acronis TrueImage,but it couldn't "see" the SATA hdd's to image.

  [DELETED] 17:54 31 Dec 2003

bump...I know its a long post,but surely someone can think of something to try. :-)

  [DELETED] 18:05 31 Dec 2003

Use Drive Image 2002 for W9X, for XP use Drive Image 7.

  [DELETED] 18:11 31 Dec 2003

Drive Image 2002 does not work with Windows XP. I have just bought Drive Image 7 which is the one to use for XP.

2002 is for Win95, 98, and ME, and is also included in the package I bought. £29.99 from Amazon, post free.

  [DELETED] 18:14 31 Dec 2003

Here is the makers site with full information:

click here

  [DELETED] 18:15 31 Dec 2003

That's what Powerquest marketing department would like you to believe - but only after they released DI7.DI2002 was released to include support for XP and we've happily been using it in XP - it hasn't suddenly stopped working because Powerquest have come up with a new marketing wheeze.

  [DELETED] 18:21 31 Dec 2003

See the review of DI2002 when released

click here

  [DELETED] 01:50 01 Jan 2004

Well,I refreshed this post,then went off to d/l DX-9b again,restarted puter but got config.sys is missing message.Tried reinstall from image,got error 43,tried reinstall from XP cd,got corrupted filesystem/damaged hdd message,used PM to alter partitions around,formatted from PM,tried XP install,succeeded so (thinking all was well again)tried reinstalling image,still got error 43 messages.Reconnected IDE and tried installing image to that only to be told the partition wasn't big enough(3Gb image into 8Gb partition?)Several more hours later,I finally got PM to successfully delete IDE partitions,installed image onto this,and booted puter to come here and explain why I haven't responded for a while. :-)

  [DELETED] 09:55 01 Jan 2004

Leo 49

I stand corrected.

  [DELETED] 14:24 01 Jan 2004

Thanks for the email,I dont mind.XP & DI2002 DOES work,just not in the usual way,I have to create the "Rescue Floppys" then run DI from them.I have DI7,each time I installed it in XP(including the hefty .Net framework d/l)although I could create an image with it,I could never get this image to reload successfully.I could restore individual files/folders,but the image always seemed unstable or incomplete(apps failed with errors about missing files)

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