Drive Image 2002 Problem

  Skeletor 14:41 12 Apr 2003

Further to my question 11.04.03 "What size is my hard drive" I seem to have accidently created a hidden partition, which means I have lost about 40GB. How do I get it back? I think it was created when I tried to use Drive Image 2002, Which brings me to my next problem. When creating the first image CD it totally freezes. I've tried "Esc", "Ctrl,Alt,Del", and everything else, but no joy, I have to hit the power switch !!!! I disabled Norton AV auto protect In the system tray but couldn't find it in BIOS as mentioned in the guide. I'm using Win XP. Any ideas anybody?

  leo49 15:10 12 Apr 2003

This first image - what is it? how big? and are you using DI to burn?

How many[if any] partitions do you have on your HDD?


  Soy (AKA tran1) 15:17 12 Apr 2003

They second partition may have been created by Drive Image 2002 as a backup area to store your Images.

  Skeletor 18:05 12 Apr 2003

Thanks leo49.
What I meant to say was the first CD. When setting up Drive Image it says I will need 5-6 CDs, but when I start to burn, the first is ok and then it freezes. The full proccess it seems would take about 1hr 40mins, is this right? Seems like a long time (If I could only get that far). I'm not using anything else to burn with. As far as partitions go, I Haven't partitioned the HDD (only by accident maybe).
Thanks Soy, I think you could be right, but I didn't do it on purpose, honest guv! Using 1/2 the HDD seems a bit excessive. How do I get it back?

  Mango Grummit 18:22 12 Apr 2003

This may not be your problem but it is worth checking as it seems that DI is working as you have an image created on the HDD.


In your system BIOS, the "Autodetect" setting for the CD burner may be enabled, making the CD burner appear to Drive Image as a fixed drive (i.e., a hard drive). If the image file you are creating is too large to fit on one CD, Drive Image normally prompts you to insert a blank CD when the current CD is full. However, if Drive Image is led by the "Autodetect" option to think that the CD burner is a fixed drive, it does not prompt for a blank CD when needed. Instead, it assumes the fixed drive is full and that it is not possible to finish creating the image file. If so at that point an error will occur.

Regards, M

  Rtus 18:41 12 Apr 2003

Do you have Nero burning software? Also With Dim 2k2 you can use the disc operations tools within the program to view the use of each partition and alter if desired...

  leo49 20:48 12 Apr 2003

In the words of the yokel asked for directions, "I wouldn't start from here".

I'm a firm believer in partitioning HDD's[especially now 200gb+ monsters are appearing] so as to isolate the OS and programs from data,etc.This gives you insurance against losing data due to OS meltdowns, reduces minimum clusters for more efficient space usage and creates manageable drive sizes to image.[in practice one only needs to image the OS/progs drive as one can burn data to disk as required].It also allows you to create your Images on a spare partition and then use Nero to burn them - far quicker and simpler than using the DI mechanism.

No help in your present situation,I know, but frankly I wouldn't consider burning such a huge image over several CDR's - IMHO it's just not illogical.


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