Drive Image 2002

  rmt 17:07 15 Nov 2003

Having just installed DI2002 so as to copy one hard drive onto another (in the same computer using W98), it gets as far as the "rebooting" message but then just seems to hang there with nothing else happening - any ideas ??

  hugh-265156 19:09 15 Nov 2003

not sure

are you getting any errors etc?

click here

might find something that will help

  hugh-265156 19:10 15 Nov 2003

sorry my link didnt work

just type "drive image 2002" into the box

  Rtus 19:45 15 Nov 2003

rebooting are we talking about booting into Dos to actually carry out creating your image or after image is finished ?

  Rtus 20:39 15 Nov 2003

or in fact after sowtware installation of Dim2k2?

  rmt 22:14 15 Nov 2003

No, you go through the step by step process of designating the source and destination drive so as carry out the drive to drive copy, but as soon as it gets to the window saying that your computer will now reboot and Drive Image wil start, it just seems to hang there with nothing happening.

  Rtus 10:25 16 Nov 2003

Right got you now...Ok heres items to check ...Go back into the program after normal run up of windows (fresh restart)create the rescue floppies within Drive image ,Boot from them & run through creating an image > on the welcome screen choose ok without selecting any options> select make image button> select drive(Source)>then click bx of drive to clone>Select destination ,Here its important to select your CDRW /or secondry Hd > If your destination drive does not appear here .then the problem is in how you have the drives configured..(not being recognised by Dim)

  Rtus 10:36 16 Nov 2003

Also if your using Drive image to create an image on a secondry Hd it will require a partition ready for the size relative to the required back up after compression,,roughly 60% of the original drive size source 10gb = destination 6gb at high compression.

  rmt 20:08 16 Nov 2003

yep, that seems to have done the trick, I dont know what the problem was but that seems to have fixed it, thanks.

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