Drive full but extra partition not shared ?

  cliff100 12:56 05 Sep 2009

Hi My daughters Pc is running Vista and when purchased was split into C:\ 34GB and D:\ 34GB
he C drive is now full. Looking at the D Drive it is not shared and I want to know how to add this to the C drive quota.
She is only running vista and can you tell me the point of having the disks partitioned. ?
When I look at partition manager I can see I can shrink the partition or even delete it. But am unsure if this is correct hing to do. Can someone give me some advice.
Sorry D drive states it's not shared and is NTFS same as C Drive.
Thanks Cliff

  Jak_1 13:07 05 Sep 2009

You will find that the the D drive is required should Vista need reinstalling back to factory default settings. I take it that the C drive is much larger than 34GB!

  cliff100 13:59 05 Sep 2009

Hi No they are both the same size. which is all a bit confusing. So if this is needed in case a restore is required can i reduce the size of the D drive and will that automatically make the C drive bigger.

  Jollyjohn 14:07 05 Sep 2009

Move "My documents" to D Right click on my docs and it should be an option to move it. Any other stored data can be moved to D as well. Then if, sorry when, you need to reinstall Windows your data will be safe on D.

  cliff100 14:28 05 Sep 2009

Hi I have moved My Documents etc and that has made a little space. Are yuo saying I now need to re install windows, Sorry I have never used partitions before and so know nothing about them. What is best can I not reduce the space on d to increase C drive ? Also when you go into the Drive it says not shared.

  Jollyjohn 15:21 05 Sep 2009


No you do not need to reinstall Windows. The drive does not need to be shared unless you want to view it from another computer.
In Control Panel there should be Administrative tools, under this is disk management and you should be able to shrink D, down to about 15GB and then expand C to fill the space.

  Quiet Life 16:36 05 Sep 2009

Easeus Partition Manager is a free partition manager that will let you extend partitions on the fly without losing data. It works.

  mooly 18:03 05 Sep 2009

If there is a hidden partition (for restoring) that will be separate from the D partition and probably around 5 to 7 gb in size.
Right click "computer", "manage", then expand the storage tab and select disc management. Does it show a third smaller partition ?
Have you also run disk cleanup and also used the "more options" tab to delete old restore points. That could free a lot of space up... several gb.
It will be pictures, music etc that take all the HDD space up. You could always move those to the D partition.

  cliff100 11:11 06 Sep 2009

Right firstly thanks for so much advice, I have done a few things but am now stuck.

When I go into disk management I can see :

1 drive no drive letter just says :
6.83GB EISA Configuration

C:\ 34.02GB System,boot,page file, active,crash dump, primary partition.

D:\ 33.67GB Primary Partition

Lastly a drive no letter of unallocated space 2.16GB

I have done a clean up on C drive didnt save much as I do this regulary. I have deleted all but the most recent restore point. I then went on the advice to shrink the D drive, this came up with a recommended amount to shrink so I have gone with that ( approx 16.88GB to shrink). Once I shrunk this the unallocated amount went up as you would expect now 18.95GB. I right clicked on the C drive and the expand button is greyed out so I can not expand that this way. I then went onto the unallocated bit and right clicked and all it had was help. Can some one tell me another way to expand the C drive to take up the unallocated amount can I allocate all of this or do I need to leave some?


  Quiller. 11:25 06 Sep 2009

Is your system backup and not the D drive as mentioned.

Is it an Acer computer. They always split the hard drive.

Right click the remaining of D in disk management and delete the partition, if it will let you. You should then have a larger unallocated space.

Then download and run click here from Quiet Life and merge the unallocated to C.

  cliff100 11:29 06 Sep 2009

thanks Dick, I will try that ans let you know, yes it's an Acer. It had a few things on the drive e.g 2 or 3 then I moved the documents over as recomended. Sounds a stupid question do i just move these over to C drive first or wil they automaticall move ?.


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