Drive fails to recognise presence of CD

  Leli 11:18 28 Sep 2003

Hi - hope you can help....
I've got a CD drive and a DVD drive on my computer, running Windows ME. The kids have played CD games since the year dot, and I've played audio discs many a time. Suddenly the CD drive fails to recognise the presence of a disc - game or audio - in the tray. When I insert a disc the auto start doesn't, err, auto start; I then double click on the D drive icon in "My Computer" and a dialogue box comes up saying "Please insert a disk into drive D:."
I've also huffed and puffed into the drive to try to clear any lingering dust particles obscuring the laser, but with no success.
Any ideas?... Any one?.... Being the weekend, the kids are driving me nuts trying to play their favourite games. Thanks for your help.

  MAJ 11:25 28 Sep 2003

Usually when this happens it's because the CD-ROM drive has died. You could open the case and check that the IDE connections are okay and haven't come loose either from the motherboard or the back of the drive or both. If you haven't been moving the tower around, it's unlikely that they've worked themselves loose, but it's always worth checking anyway, remember to take the necessary anti-static precautions when you open your case. If you had a CD-ROM head cleaner to hand you could also try running that through the CD-ROM.

  Diemmess 13:59 28 Sep 2003

A dodge worth trying is to find your way to Device Manager and select the CDROM......... Then click on the button that says Remove, accept the warning, confirm removal, back out of that and shut the computer down.

When booting up again the screen will witter-on about having found new hardware and by following the prompts the computer will put a nice new copy of the drivers back again.

Now if you are lucky, it will work again, but if not, well at least you tried.......... Also if it is so dead that even Windows doesn't notice it........ Well replacing with a new DVD-CDROM will complete it for you.

  [email protected] 14:00 28 Sep 2003

If the DVD and CD drives are seperate then I think your kids might be able to play their games on that drive (depending how the game is installed, it might have to be reinstalled from the DVD drive).

Luckily plain old CD drives are nice & cheap :-)

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