drive cure on start up

  chrisod 07:33 18 Apr 2012

when i start my pc it saying drive cure failed to in stall how do i delete this message (someone has tried to install it and wont own up) i have searched for it but cant locate it any ideas?? thanks

  birdface 08:06 18 Apr 2012

From another Forum.

Go to add/remove programs and uninstall Drivercare. Then go to "my Computer" and then click on the "C Drive" and click on "program files". Drivercare will be listed there under the name "paretologic" Delete paretologic and you will be done with drivercare. No more popups!!!!!!

Unfortunately after that you have to go to the registry and delete a few things on there.

If you can see it in add remove use Revo Uninstaller to remove it.Use settings 4 and only delete things in thick black.

Eventually it will give you a list with where it still has connections Files folders etc just click all and remove.

  chrisod 19:27 18 Apr 2012

hi cant find it in programmes can you help a bit more sorry but i`m not very pc literate

  birdface 19:50 18 Apr 2012

Control panel then add remove and see if it is in there.

r Start.Run.Type msconfig and see if it is ticked on start up in there ,if so untick it.

Or maybe download Malwarebytes and give that a run to see if it finds it.

  chrisod 20:00 18 Apr 2012

just looked in programes not there did the msconfig not on start up will run malware now and get back to you thanks

  kaiwei 20:12 18 Apr 2012
  chrisod 20:18 18 Apr 2012

just ran malware nothing showed up....kaiwei what the link for??

  birdface 20:54 18 Apr 2012

Ignore it probably spam.My security program blocked it.

  KRONOS the First 05:27 19 Apr 2012

This may help, DriveCure removal.

  birdface 07:00 19 Apr 2012


That is a bad site according to WOT.

  KRONOS the First 08:15 19 Apr 2012

It's maybe a false positive, in the past I had Wot flash up eBay as being a bad site these program's are nothing more than a nuisance but if he is concerned then Final Uninstaller can be had from here, which I assume is a good site.

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