Drive Copy

  geedad 19:10 30 Aug 2009

Just installed Paragon Drive Copy 8.5.
I have one hard disk, partitioned as C and D, and I want to copy both ( the entire disk ) to an external drive.
However, on beginning to do this, I got to the stage where the program stated that .........The target drive will be deleted.
I was surprised to learn that, although I had sufficient space on my target drive, the existing contents would be erased.
Since there is enough space on my external drive, why can't the copy be saved to a new folder?

  spruce 19:19 30 Aug 2009

It sounds like it thinks it is being restored to a new hard drive rather than being copied. Are there any other options.

  GaT7 19:21 30 Aug 2009

A direct copy/clone tool is only required if you're thinking of making the target drive the new boot drive. Are you?

If not, what you need is a program that will create a backup as an image file. The resultant image file can be safely saved to the target drive or partition without deleting its contents. Just make sure the target drive/partition is large enough though.

Try Paragon Drive Backup 9.0 Free click here. Review of v8.5 by PCA click here. G

  geedad 19:43 30 Aug 2009

Thanks a lot to you both.

  geedad 20:05 30 Aug 2009

Sorry,spruce, Yes- I thought that, and couldn't risk continuing.
Crossbow? No - I was not thinking of making the new drive a boot drive, merely wanting to save my hard disk in order to clean it up, then re-install.
Thanks for the tip about Paragon Drive Backup 9 free. I didn't know it existed, but that looks exactly as if it will serve my needs.

  GaT7 20:26 30 Aug 2009

Actually you can use Paragon Drive Copy for your purpose.

However, you'll need to create another partition on your external hard drive, then save the hard drive copy to it. The target partition will need to be larger than the original drive/partition, i.e. the one you're copying from. G

  geedad 20:34 30 Aug 2009

Thanks again!

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