Drive channel layout question

  pickle factory 10:50 03 Nov 2004

Advice please? I'm just finishing my first build and I'm confused as to which item to plumb on to which channel. I have an A7N8X-X mobo (No SATA onboard controller), a 120gb SATA WD HDD, SATA controller PCI card, DVD burner and DVD ROM to go in. I know the layout for std IDE drives can make a difference to transfer times, ie. To burn from HDD is better if HDD and burner are not sharing the same channel. Does this have any relevance with my SATA HDD going through a controller card? Does it matter whether my DVD burner and/or DVD ROM are on primary/secondary? Hope that all makes sense.

  Jeffers22 19:35 03 Nov 2004

No it makes no difference, the SATA and IDE are separate channels so there should be no degradation. If it was me I'd put the burner on IDE 1 as a master, and the DVDROM on IDE 1 as slave (one cable)

  pickle factory 08:33 04 Nov 2004

That's great cheers

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