Drive changes label

  zoobie 18:52 26 May 2007

I've a second Maxtor 250 HDD that's about filled with DV-AVI video. It's worked flawlessly for 18 months but now, I've noticed the label has changed from my DRIVE_D label to the default Local_Disk (D) and Windows doesn't see it anymore. Linux sees the drive but has trouble playing the files. If I stop Linux and reboot, suddenly Windows sees DRIVE_D again. There's 2% free space left on the drive.

Any hint to what's going on?

XP Pro
Linux Knoppix
512mb ram

  zoobie 03:50 28 May 2007

Seems BIOS doesn't see D drive now either and is reporting only my others. Perhaps I've the whole shabang hooked up wrong or perhaps the D is failing. What's the recommended hookup with 2 hard drives with a CD and another DVD drive (4 drives)?

  sunny staines 09:12 28 May 2007

goto and run the seagate/maxtor hdd utility software to check the hdd. they are good tools and can be run within windows.

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