Drive C is using MS-DOS

  skell 16:06 01 Nov 2003

I have just put together an old computer, fitted new MOB, existing floppy disk existing CD-ROM and existing hard dirve. The Hard drive is a fujitsu MPA3035AT. The computer reconizes the hard drive on initial boot-up but not in device manager. When i check in performance its shows an error that 'Drive C is using MS-DOS compatable file mode system' Also in device manager under other devices it show PCI Mass storage controller has an error. Is this related? can anyone give advice as to what may be the problem.

  keith-236785 16:24 01 Nov 2003

i think the drive needs fdisking and formatting.

then windows might see the disk.

If there is no data to be lost on this drive I would start by formating it then reinstall the os this should solve the problem. A drastic solution granted but you will have a clean os for the new build.

  [DELETED] 16:31 01 Nov 2003

I think you need the latest drivers for your mobo. Download from there website and install them and it should resolve the problem.

  DieSse 16:41 01 Nov 2003

The problem has occurred becuase the windows installation on the harddrive is for a different motherboard wth different chipsets and device controllers.

The best advice is to set your computer up from scratch - this will egt you the colaenest, most stable setup.

The motherboard drivers from the new motherboard Cd may enable you to get going if there is data to protect.

  skell 17:45 01 Nov 2003

Ok people i will do a clean install. reformat hardrive and install win98. hopefully that will work. I havent ever reformatted a hard drive before so if i stuck ill start a new topic.

Thanks again for your advise.

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