Drive C: is becoming a glutton!

  david dryden 20:02 21 Jan 2008

I opened my computer and had a squiz at properties
for the C:\ drive.It told me that the partition was nearly full.C:\ 15.4GB,capacity 19.5GB. So then I opened explorer and clicked on C: Drive,Selected all the folders including the hidden ones and it came to 8.29GB. So some where there is 7.11GB not accounted for.I have defragged C: but it's still the same. Any ideas please.Thanks,David

  gardener 20:07 21 Jan 2008

Try running the programme CCleaner:

click here

  david dryden 14:00 22 Jan 2008

Hi Gardener,I've run RegCure and Wise disc cleaner.I still have the same problem.Do you think CCleaner would make a differance?
Thanks, David

  ACOLYTE 14:19 22 Jan 2008

The 7Gig maybe restore points that have been set,it can get pretty large over time.Try turning system restore off and on and see if you get it back,but beware turning it off will delete all the restore points.Is this a 20gig hdd or a partitioned larger drive?,if its a 20 gig drive,then you might want to consider getting a larger one as 20 gig is very small for todays pc's.

  MAJ 14:49 22 Jan 2008

Also check your hyberfil.sys file. That's the file used for Hybernation, it is the same size as the amount of physical RAM you have installed. Windows will set that amount of space aside for Hibernation. So if you have 2GB of memory installed in your computer, the hiberfil.sys file will be 2GB in size. It's a hidden file so you might not have counted that in your calculations.

The above will be true if you have the Hibernation option turned on, if not, disregard.

  MAJ 14:52 22 Jan 2008

Lord, my spelling is atrocious today..... it's "hiberfil.sys" not hyberfil.

  mfletch 14:58 22 Jan 2008

Also do you use Norton for your security?

If yes have a look {if present} at this file,

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Symantec\SubEng

It sometimes is 9GB?


  gardener 15:13 22 Jan 2008

David Dryden

Ccleaner will clean up all sorts of unneeded stuff so it's worth a try. Also follow the advice of the previous repliers to your post.

Some of the disk space may be taken up by a hidden partition containing a 'restore image' which you can use if your computer goes weird. If the computer came without a restore CD/DVD then this is likely to be the case.

  gardener 15:40 22 Jan 2008

Further to my previous post, the restore partition would probably not use that much space so it could be, as ACOLYTE says, the system restore points. If it is this then I would turn off system restore and delete the restore points, then purchase Acronis True Image. Using this you can make a backup image of everything on the disk including the OS. If you need the space on the C drive you can burn the Acronis image to DVD.You can keep the backup up to date by using the Acronis incremental backup facility.

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