Dreded Blue Screen

  pj1664 23:18 31 Mar 2006

HELP!!! I have the blues. My laptop running win xp home edition has suddenly crash and it wont even load in Safe mode or my last good configuration. Yesterday my wife loaded Quick time player to run a prog. on the net and it worked fine and even today it was fine but it was the last prog that was played using quick time player before she turned it off again and now all I keep getting is the dreded blue screen and nothing else. Is there anyway around this so that I can uninstall quick time and hopefully have a working pc? I have a Dell insprion 600m, 1.6ghz with 256mb ram if it helps in any way.

  terryf 23:23 31 Mar 2006

Will it boot from your windows cd? You may have to go into the bios to make the cd drive the first boot device.

  johnnyrocker 23:27 31 Mar 2006

try booting into safe mode?


  pj1664 23:28 31 Mar 2006

Thanks for responding terryf but its one of the new system where a boot disk is not apprently required but the system can be rebooted within windows, dont ask me how this works but apprently there is a way, the system never came with a window cd. the prog. is pre-installed and can be run somehow. It surely dosent make sense.

  pj1664 23:30 31 Mar 2006

johnnyrocker, I have tried but it hangs on the blue screen.

  remind 23:30 31 Mar 2006

It probably has a restore partition on the hard-drive - in your manual it should detail how to invoke the repair process - bear in mind it may delete all your personal data if you reinstall from scratch.

  pj1664 23:32 31 Mar 2006

How do you access the hard drive if all I keep getting is the blue screen and nothing beyond.

  remind 23:33 31 Mar 2006

the involved way to restore your machine to `first ever boot` status is detailed here click here

  terryf 23:37 31 Mar 2006

I know that it no help but I wish that people would realize that these 'restore' systems are a pain in the butt, I was helping some-one yesterday (an elderly lady) venturing into computing and the first thing the machine asked was for her to burn a restore disk onto a dvd. What's a dvd she said. Now I am not blaming the lady for asking that question but why manufacturers continue to ship systems without an OS cd I dont know. I wonder whether sfc works with these pseudo restore disks? I suppose the answer to my query lies in penny pinching by the seller.

  pj1664 23:39 31 Mar 2006

I totaly agree with you terryf.

  remind 23:41 31 Mar 2006

My cousin picked up quite a well specced system from a major highstreet store at a very good price on Saturday, comes with no XP disc, but buried amongst the start menu options is a `create restore media` option which I advised him to use ASAP - no mention was made of this anywhere in the system documentation or manuals, and from what I've seen of other similar systems it can only be used once (I've yet to find out, will be doing the job myself using a blank DVD shortly to save him using 4 CDs instead). Many companies seem to rely on the ignorance or forgetfuln ess of customers to earn more money.

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