Dreamweaver mx for web site design??

  machow 21:22 24 Oct 2003

I need to design a a website to show a catalog of products for an e-retail operation.

Needs to include a database to hold info on products, which contents can be accessed via site.

I havent used dreamweaver before and i am wondering if the help tutorials are sufficient, or if there are any good books out there to guide me through the process.

  Forum Editor 23:07 24 Oct 2003

that Dreamweaver presents you with a fairly steep learning curve, and it's going to take a little while before you'll feel completely a home with it.

I've always taken the view that software is best learned from the inside out, so to speak - by using it. If you are fairly familiar with web design conventions you should be fine with the tutorials.

  Taran 23:08 24 Oct 2003

There are some simple tutorials on dynamic sites in the Dreamweaver help files.

They concentrate on ASP and PHP and walk you through establishing the database connection and building query display pages and so on.

You will obviously need some sort of local testing server to verify your system (IIS or Apache).

IIS will run ASP pages all day, but you'll have to manually configure it to run PHP (takes about two whole minutes).

Apache runs PHP beautifully but does not natively support ASP. It can nevertheless be made to run ASP should you want it to.

Cold Fusion is another possibility and works like a charm, but getting the system hosted will be another issue entirely.

Obviously you will need to choose whichever platform is best suited to your project taking into account that publishing and running the finished article will require either a Windows IIS or Unix/Linux Apache web server.

Now, the helpfile examples are purely introductory. Happily though, there are a lot of very good resources available for dynamic sites using Dreamweaver.

If you want to go with ASP, try these two forum links:

click here

click here

I gave more ASP related links to those two threads than you could shake a stick at and in particluar you will find the Dreamweaver FAQ site a superb resource.

For PHP, the Glasshaus site has some excellent and inexpensive books on PHP/Dreamweaver web applications: click here

If you go to Google click here and use these as your search fields, including the quote marks:


"dreamweaver"+"php"+how to


Obviously for ASP or CFM (Cold Fusion) pages you replace "php" with "asp" in the above search fields.

There are loads of excellent sites that will take you through the whole process of getting a data driven site up and running.

Finally, you don't say whether this is for a client or not. The reason i touch on this is that there are some excellent 3rd party products currently available that do everything and more that you could ever want for an online catalogue, including that most valuable of considerations, financial transactions. It's a bit pointless going to all the trouble of creating a catalogue driven site if you can't process orders on it.

Hope this helps.



  machow 19:09 25 Oct 2003


You have been incredibly helpful, once again!

Its for an assignment.

I have a windows ISS, so shouldnt be a problem. Trying to trawl my way through ' Teach yourself ASP.net in 21 days'.

  fitcher 12:06 02 Nov 2003

yes I agree it takes time to get to gripps with dream weaver .I have used it's original one .
.going to the dreamweaver site you could watch a scene by scene tutorial ,, I actualy recorded it on to a disk .and stopped it intermitently when stuck at different points. though hours of practice is essential.

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