Dreamweaver MX Porblems

  bigzosso 11:04 09 Mar 2006

Hi again
I am self teaching on Dreamweaver MX and have hit problems, maybe someone could help and

shed some light?

1. I have designed my main website "SB Main" (9 pages) with a homepage called index.html and

5 other small websites that each have a homepage that I have named after them e.g.

"greekindex.html" etc. (I did have each one called index.html)

2. "SB main" links to each of my other 5 sites homepages. The SB Main has an external

websites linkpage too.

3. On my hard drive I have a folder called "SB and Portfolios". Inside this is a folder I

have called "SB Main" which everything is housed within.
Inside "SB Main" I have folders for SB Html files, SB assetts files and a folder for each of

the 5 sites (7 folders total). These 5 other site folders have their own HTML and ASSETTS

subfolders within them.

4. When I tried to produce the dreamweaver sitemap it kept saying that there is no homepage

in the Root folder? I thought the SB index.html was the homepage in SB Main/HTML?
Then it says that the assetts folder is outside of the Root folder? I have pointed DW to

these folders but it just keeps saying the same thing.

I started with "SB and portfolios" and each 6 folders (each with their own html and assetts

folders inside) housed seperately, with the same results hence I swapped things round

All link updates were done in DW with each file/folder move. Everything works fine on the

local disk with all links ok.

After doing "I dont know what" last night, I managed to connect fine with my ftp server to

PUT my sites in my web space. It took many attempts at doing this with denial errors (all

passwords etc were correct and I never changed them) until finally I got just my SB

index.html page uploaded. This hawever was without any of the images as the assetts folder

didnt upload. Afet 3hours I sacked it and went to bed.

Sorry this is so long winded but I tried to explain it as easy as possible.
Can anyone please advise me?

  peabody 21:53 10 Mar 2006

Sorry, this is quite a tale! Can you summarise what the question is? What is the problem you are trying to sort?

  Forum Editor 08:48 11 Mar 2006

but I think I can see what's going on.

If you want to have sub-domains the way to do it is to design and publish your main site in the normal way. Let DreamWeaver manage the file structure, so that everything is present and correct on the server, and all the assets files are where they should be. DreamWeaver will then automatically create the links to image files itself.

Create your other sites separately, and upload them to folders in the root of your server space. You can then link to them from your main site.

Keep in mind that you can only have one index file per site.

Does that address your problem? If not, you'll need to come back with a simplified explanation of what you're trying to do - your first post was a tad confusing.

  bigzosso 07:58 15 Mar 2006

it is my router allowing me to test the ftp server which comes back and gets a succesful response with full access to the webspace using my A/C name and password. I switched from ADSL to my dialup connection (zzzzzzz....) but connected and uploaded all my site.
So I guess the router is configured wrong.

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