Dreamweaver MX 2004 - stability issues ?

  Taran 16:04 05 Nov 2003

I've been playing with Dreamweaver MX 2004 since it was first released on test and trial and I recently treated myself to a fully registered and activated copy along with Flash Pro and Fireworks MX 2004.

It has to be said that I'm a little disappointed overall about Dreamweaver's "new" features, but I like it overall, hence my purchase.

I've noticed some stability issues though, over this last few days, where the Preview in browser button causes program lockups where everything stops responding or Dreamweaver just takes it upon itself to badly shut down, taking my antivirus scanner (NOD32) with it.

Flash and Fireworks have performed impeccably (so far) so out of curiosity I removed Dreamweaver from my favourite Laptop and installed it to my main desktop, both of which run Windows XP Pro.

Same symptoms.

I've just run a clean install of Windows XP Pro on the laptop with all device drivers and the first application I installed was Dreamweaver MX 2004 - no antivirus software, nothing other than a few Windows background services running - not even IIS or Apache installed.

Created a page, opened it up in the browser for preview and bang ? Dreamweaver vanished.

The event logs have proven unhelpful.

I was just wondering if anyone else out there has got the program and if so, have any of you had any similar experiences.

I'll get to the bottom of it once I have the time to work through it, but in the short term I'm curious.

Don't be offended if I don't get back to any comments added to this thread; I'm going offline for a week or so as of this evening, but if anyone has similar experiences I'd like to hear about it.

Regards all.


  Forum Editor 23:17 06 Nov 2003

DreamWeaver MX 2004 too, but I can't say I've had the same experiences as you.

Having said that, I haven't really given it much use as yet, so maybe I'm being prematurely optimistic. Whilst you're taking your break from the forum I'll explore DW MX 2004 in a little more depth and report back later.

  Taran 07:42 14 Nov 2003

After some brief discussion with Macromedia support they suggested that I download Dreamweaver again and install it to a clean Windows system if possible.

Out came my Drive Image of Windows with all device drivers then in went Dreamweaver.

It worked like a charm and after activation there are no more crashes. I can only assume that the initial download was somehow at fault which is kind of what they (Macromedia) hinted at without actually saying in so many words.

Looking at some of the support forums it appears that there have been some issues with the Dreamweaver trial timing out as soon as it is installed and one or two other minor glitches.

It was not a pressing issue since I will still be using my MX suite for quite some time until I am fully comfortable with the MX 2004 versions, but it's nice to have things running properly so that I can at least play when the wind is in the right direction.

I have to say though that so far I find Dreamweaver MX 2004 a shade disappointing overall by comparison to Flash, Fireworks and Freehand MX 2004. All of the others seem to have had a major overhaul and loads of new toys added while Dreamweaver seems to be, in my opinion, more of what I'd expect from a dot release and not the 'new' product version it is billed as. There is nothig that really slaps me in the face and brings me up sharp which is very much a direct contrast to Flash Pro MX 2004 which is a major leap forward by any stretch of the imagination.

Just my two penneth.

Anyway, all's well, thanks to Macromedia support and a second download, so I'll tick this as resolved.

Regards all


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